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How To Spell indignation?

Correct spelling: indignation

What are the misspellings for indignation ?

  • 9ndignation,
  • inditnation,
  • indiynation,
  • incordenation,
  • indocrination,
  • integation,
  • indigbation,
  • anticapation,
  • 8ndignation,
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  • intagration,
  • indignatikn,
  • indigation,
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  • insignation,
  • undignation,
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  • entinction,
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  • indignatoon.

What is the definition of indignation?

  1. Anger at what is unworthy, unjust, dishonorable, or base; anger mingled with contempt or disgust.

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What are the quotes for indignation?

  1. A puritan is a person who pours righteous indignation into the wrong things.
  2. I appeal to you, my friends, as mothers: are you willing to enslave your children? You stare back with horror and indignation at such questions. But why, if slavery is not wrong to those upon whom it is imposed?
  3. But love, like the sun that it is, sets afire and melts everything. what greed and privilege to build up over whole centuries the indignation of a pious spirit, with its natural following of oppressed souls, will cast down with a single shove.
  4. Indignation is a submission of our thoughts, but not of our desires.
  5. A man's sentiments are generally just and right, while it is second selfish thought which makes him trim and adopt some other view. The best reforms are worked out when sentiment operates, as it does in women, with the indignation of righteousness.

What are the rhymes for indignation?

  1. exhilaration, irrigation, manipulation, amalgamation, preoccupation, fluctuation, decoration, sedation, inclination, correlation, purification, navigation, illustration, contemplation, falsification, augmentation, allegation, dramatization, extrapolation, legislation, computation, civilization, industrialization, motivation, demarcation, formation, contamination, insubordination, socialization, unification, impersonation, consecration, explication, amplification, discrimination, fertilization, classification, relaxation, telecommunication, inundation, dehumanization, authorization, reincarnation, exasperation, investigation, predestination, delineation, privatisation, affiliation, intensification, nomination, extermination, determination, demoralization, reclassification, frustration, coronation, appropriation, duplication, destination, meditation, fragmentation, pagination, substantiation, characterization, communication, rehydration, inflation, interpretation, miseration, incarceration, exhalation, observation, reauthorization, cultivation, laceration, exploitation, adjudication, fabrication, regeneration, elation, constellation, devastation, incorporation, deceleration, disqualification, explanation, degradation, excitation, translation, combination, operation, confiscation, diversification, perturbation, maturation, instigation, mutilation, exfoliation, violation, privation, perspiration, maximization, confederation, modulation, ministration, communization, granulation, stagflation, obfuscation, replication, capitulation, examination, denationalization, inauguration, insinuation, habitation, cohabitation, miscreation, altercation, deliberation, westernization, reforestation, insulation, compilation, democratization, deprivation, oration, incantation, pasteurization, pollination, privatization, innovation, profanation, probation, unionization, reexamination, orchestration, affirmation, excavation, collectivization, sophistication, reclamation, authentication, emanation, dissipation, facilitation, flotation, mutation, implantation, strangulation, overpopulation, discoloration, animation, inoculation, reiteration, fluoridation, reservation, embarkation, experimentation, miscalculation, deregulation, fortification, vindication, dissociation, restoration, designation, horatian, disintegration, optimization, discontinuation, irradiation, inhalation, infiltration, intimidation, obligation, enumeration, equalization, connotation, argumentation, integration, germination, participation, recreation, generation, categorization, depopulation, ordination, hydrogenation, imitation, ovation, reformation, mobilization, reorganization, elongation, elevation, coloration, intonation, association, calibration, imputation, notification, recuperation, reunification, commercialization, lactation, congratulation, transportation, miniaturization, organization, equitation, repudiation, misinformation, conservation, legalization, russification, stimulation, notation, escalation, ratification, ramification, alleviation, denomination, insemination, subordination, pacification, incapacitation, exacerbation, indentation, consideration, indication, hospitalization, proration, neutralization, repatriation, filtration, differentiation, tribulation, refrigeration, interrogation, domination, hydration, estimation, codification, exhortation, concatenation, devaluation, quotation, dislocation, palpitation, mineralization, inactivation, verification, derivation, retardation, information, procrastination, coagulation, conjugation, rumination, respiration, fermentation, limitation, incrimination, deflation, cancellation, mummification, occupation, monopolization, indoctrination, revelation, deforestation, foundation, renomination, domestication, permutation, prognostication, immigration, gastrulation, recitation, continuation, triangulation, adaptation, relation, disinformation, localization, assimilation, inhabitation, impregnation, situation, figuration, precipitation, victimization, manifestation, affrication, vibration, exoneration, expatriation, medication, emigration, certification, commemoration, subsidization, rehabilitation, articulation, urbanization, optation, oxidation, globalization, decontamination, nationalization, recertification, importation, machination, glaciation, congregation, creation, assassination, rededication, orientation, revocation, resuscitation, saturation, documentation, visualization, sanctification, backwardation, gratification, remuneration, immunization, standardization, vilification, confrontation, education, instrumentation, disinflation, mechanization, indexation, decapitation, qualification, suburbanization, colonization, recrimination, stalinization, deformation, appreciation, excommunication, duration, detoxification, denunciation, dispensation, condensation, evaluation, sterilization, quantification, misappropriation, aviation, trepidation, prostration, application, modification, inflammation, federation, oscillation, invalidation, automation, syndication, proclamation, transillumination, christianization, litigation, aspiration, reaffiliation, moderation, dictation, balkanization, mediation, recalculation, relocation, malformation, distillation, identification, implication, miscommunication, redecoration, demodulation, demonstration, adulation, renegotiation, salvation, preservation, menstruation, sedimentation, alienation, humiliation, degeneration, harmonization, concentration, realization, separation, intimation, generalization, provocation, emancipation, dissertation, desiccation, dilation, specification, liberalization, personalization, vaccination, modernization, saponification, liberation, conflagration, organisation, negotiation, illumination, revitalization, conversation, perforation, avocation, dalmatian, appellation, termination, consultation, vegetation, vacillation, suffocation, stipulation, undervaluation, nucleation, dedication, divination, conglomeration, vocation, approbation, collaboration, nullification, hybridization, origination, sensation, multiplication, simulation, foliation, solicitation, reverberation, depredation, fascination, equivocation, ejaculation, echolocation, variation, evocation, vacation, vulgarization, commendation, ostentation, dehydration, incoordination, plantation, desalination, stagnation, amelioration, cogitation, ossification, premeditation, valuation, pronunciation, declaration, corp, flirtation, molestation, reinterpretation, reaffirmation, misrepresentation, negation, desperation, libration, liquidation, irritation, decertification, subluxation, starvation, recantation, transplantation, allocation, utilization, exhumation, demonization, improvisation, publication, population, aggravation, propagation, justification, levitation, demobilization, confirmation, fibrillation, magnetization, reputation, presentation, masturbation, cooperation, affectation, simplification, inspiration, agitation, coordination, advocation, temptation, gradation, deification, anticipation, gentrification, self-congratulation, transformation, reconfirmation, polarization, expiration, pontification, hyperinflation, compensation, proliferation, segregation, taxation, usurpation, resignation, refutation, punctuation, evacuation, stabilization, amputation, crustacean, renovation, expectation, depreciation, specialization, graduation, exaggeration, disorientation, desegregation, gasification, ionization, speculation, misidentification, recommendation, electrification, computerization, incubation, centralization, segmentation, expropriation, annotation, consolation, clarification, hibernation, defamation, misinterpretation, desalinization, fumigation, regimentation, delegation, jubilation, dissemination, visitation, eradication, gravitation, elimination, agglomeration, configuration, misapplication, emulation, gestation, incarnation, ventilation, preparation, reconciliation, migration, disputation, complication, glorification, rationalization, donation, croatian, prefabrication, gyration, narration, criminalization, convocation, elaboration, bifurcation, revaluation, radiation, admiration, initiation, desecration, culmination, depravation, ligation, mitigation, remediation, sarmatian, consolidation, destabilization, reallocation, reflation, naturalization, decentralization, overvaluation, evaporation, confabulation, rotation, exclamation, summation, damnation, appalachian, condemnation, securitization, location, marginalization, titillation, politicization, dilatation, annihilation, lubrication, sequestration, reinvigoration, renunciation, procreation, deviation, sanitation, pressurization, registration, formulation, hallucination, conciliation, perpetuation, constipation, tabulation, corporation, invocation, indemnification, reconsideration, normalization, imagination, fixation, disembarkation, personification, rejuvenation, infestation, pigmentation, isolation, reevaluation, intoxication, approximation, magnification, reconfiguration, desolation, annexation, protestation, edification, representation, popularization, implementation, exploration, ornamentation, vaporization, retaliation, installation, toleration, consternation, accumulation, regulation, detonation, ovulation, disorganization, corroboration, incrustation, nitration, nondiscrimination, arbitration, calculation, invitation, disinclination, reparation, consummation, validation, cremation, celebration, adoration, deportation, rectification, nonproliferation, hesitation, infatuation, amortization, alteration;
  2. haitian, station, nation, ration;
  3. castration, causation, carnation, cetacean, citation, alsatian, cessation;
  4. abrogation, activation, aberration, acclimation, abdication, accusation;
  5. acceleration, accreditation, abbreviation, abomination, accommodation;
  6. acidification, cannibalization, alphabetization, capitalization;
  7. americanization, antidiscrimination, decriminalization, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

What are the translations for indignation?

Bengali word for Indignation

ঘৃণামিশ্রিত ক্রোধ.

Chinese word for Indignation


Dutch word for Indignation


French word for Indignation


German words for Indignation

Harm, Entrüstung, Unwillen, Unwille.

Hindi word for Indignation


Italian word for Indignation


Japanese words for Indignation

憤慨, げきど.

Malay word for Indignation


Marathi word for Indignation


Norwegian word for Indignation


Polish word for Indignation


Romanian word for Indignation


Tamil word for Indignation


Ukrainian word for Indignation


Vietnamese word for Indignation

sự phẩn nộ.