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How To Spell infant?

Correct spelling: infant

Definition of infant:

  1. a very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk; "isn't she too young to have a baby?"

List of misspellings for infant:

  • infinty,
  • infinatly,
  • invaniton,
  • unfournate,
  • infanr,
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  • sanificant,
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  • upfont,
  • ifnant,
  • infinetly,
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Abdul Rahman Infant, was the former director general and inspector general of police in the state of Karnataka, India. His appointment was announced by the Karnataka state home minister R.

Infant Jesus Academy of Silang


Infant Jesus Academy is located at the historical municipality of Silang, Cavite Philippines.

Infant Jesus Church, Dombivli


Catholic church in Dombivli, India

Infant Jesus Church, Dombivli is church dedicated to Infant Jesus, and situated in Dombivli in Kalyan taluka of Thane district, near Mumbai.

Magda Gerber


Magda Gerber was an early childhood educator in the United States and is known for teaching parents and caregivers how to understand babies and interact with them respectfully from birth.

Tanglin Trust School


School in Singapore

Tanglin Trust School is an international school in Singapore run as a non-profit organisation. Established in 1925, Tanglin Trust School provides British-based learning with an international perspective for students aged 3–18.

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Quotes for infant:

  1. The U. S. routinely ranks lower than other countries in health outcomes such as infant mortality.
  2. I wish I'd been a mixed infant.
  3. The absolute dependence of a newborn infant inspired many things in me, but it did not activate any magical knowledge about what to do for the next twenty years.
  4. The infant runs toward it with its eyes closed, the adult is stationary, the old man approaches it with his back turned.
  5. Those who have lost an infant are never, in a way, without an infant.

Translations for infant:

Arabic word for Infant


Chinese word for Infant


Dutch word for Infant


French words for Infant

nourrisson, bébé, mineur, nouveau-né, enfant en bas âge, poupon.

German words for Infant

Kind, Säugling, Kleinkind, Baby, Wickelkind.

Greek word for Infant


Italian word for Infant

bambino piccolo.

Japanese words for Infant

幼児, 小児, 乳児, インファント, にゅうじ, しょうに.

Korean word for Infant


Malay word for Infant


Marathi word for Infant


Norwegian word for Infant


Polish words for Infant

niemowlę, dziecko.

Portuguese word for Infant


Romanian word for Infant


Russian words for Infant

дитя, младенческой.

Spanish word for Infant

niño (pequeño).

Turkish word for Infant


Ukrainian word for Infant