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How To Spell infatuation?

Correct spelling: infatuation

Definition of infatuation:

  1. an object of extravagant short-lived passion

List of misspellings for infatuation:

  • invatasion,
  • unificiation,
  • infromtation,
  • inforatmion,
  • invotation,
  • invaluation,
  • infonnation,
  • insatution,
  • infomatrion,
  • inforation,
  • intutition,
  • intation,
  • invtation,
  • infroation,
  • invitaion,
  • insertation,
  • inforatmation,
  • invetation,
  • informatilon,
  • intution,
  • invitatin,
  • infactuation,
  • infoation,
  • invitationn,
  • inveatigation,
  • infamation,
  • instuition,
  • instution,
  • confratation,
  • instaution,
  • inituition,
  • infustion,
  • innavation,
  • invaitation,
  • invititation,
  • infornatiobn,
  • informatopn,
  • insitution,
  • infarcation,
  • infautation,
  • anysituation,
  • intuation,
  • informatyion,
  • infilatration,
  • infotmation,
  • informtaiton,
  • infultaation,
  • invatation,
  • infaltion,
  • intituation,
  • invitatation,
  • invittaion,
  • infarmation,
  • invitatoin,
  • initution,
  • informatipn,
  • infomration,
  • informtation,
  • infdormation,
  • infoiniation,
  • informatrion,
  • invertation,
  • infeststion,
  • infomiation,
  • infoemation,
  • infornation,
  • invatition,
  • invitataion,
  • informatation,
  • inofamtion,
  • informatmion,
  • infoarmation,
  • instuation,
  • intertation,
  • invatiation,
  • infmoration,
  • invetsation,
  • infestiation,
  • informatgion,
  • infortation,
  • envaluation,
  • infofmation,
  • invitaton,
  • infomation,
  • informatsion,
  • infortmation,
  • infiltartion,
  • insturtion,
  • invitaiton,
  • infmroation,
  • infammation,
  • inlfammation,
  • infoamrtion,
  • infacuation,
  • infemation,
  • infuomation,
  • incitation,
  • intuiation,
  • infuration,
  • invitatio.

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Quotes for infatuation:

  1. Purity engenders Wisdom, Passion avarice, and Ignorance folly, infatuation and darkness.
  2. After a semester or so, my infatuation with computers burnt out as quickly as it had begun.
  3. Young men of this class never do anything for themselves that they can get other people to do for them, and it is the infatuation, the devotion, the superstition of others that keeps them going. These others in ninety -nine cases out of a hundred are women.
  4. Violence isn't always evil. What's evil is the infatuation with violence.
  5. Don't divide the world into "them" and "us." Avoid infatuation with or resentment of the press, the Congress, rivals, or opponents. Accept them as facts. They have their jobs and you have yours.

Rhymes for infatuation:

  1. recrimination, denomination, relation, delineation, edification, vacation, amelioration, alienation, hesitation, damnation, jubilation, imitation, liberalization, decapitation, miscommunication, desalinization, reallocation, undervaluation, rejuvenation, toleration, generalization, duplication, proliferation, mutilation, designation, refrigeration, misinterpretation, renunciation, deflation, desiccation, democratization, commemoration, defamation, culmination, concatenation, escalation, degradation, reclassification, insulation, convocation, multiplication, appellation, redecoration, conservation, validation, speculation, fluctuation, recitation, rationalization, insinuation, incapacitation, granulation, formation, specialization, contemplation, dedication, adulation, gestation, exhilaration, mediation, pasteurization, palpitation, ornamentation, oxidation, exoneration, infestation, emancipation, coordination, embarkation, inauguration, evaporation, installation, flirtation, enumeration, insubordination, publication, privatisation, proclamation, substantiation, arbitration, profanation, incarnation, pronunciation, reputation, participation, corp, elimination, identification, recuperation, hospitalization, demonstration, molestation, agitation, intimidation, gentrification, devaluation, revocation, negotiation, pressurization, vaccination, deforestation, sanitation, continuation, consternation, motivation, combination, ejaculation, privation, machination, discontinuation, fabrication, stipulation, decoration, crustacean, dispensation, orientation, information, aggravation, stagnation, sedimentation, innovation, criminalization, disqualification, liberation, conversation, affirmation, regeneration, dissertation, registration, reflation, dislocation, subsidization, bifurcation, exaggeration, reverberation, mummification, imagination, reexamination, irrigation, recertification, inundation, incorporation, russification, conciliation, fibrillation, incubation, reconfiguration, magnetization, coloration, civilization, separation, revaluation, formulation, agglomeration, misinformation, pagination, fumigation, codification, victimization, association, preoccupation, unification, coronation, declaration, transportation, certification, harmonization, maximization, nucleation, fascination, application, expropriation, ovulation, excommunication, desegregation, presentation, condemnation, disinclination, disorientation, purification, pollination, reauthorization, depreciation, diversification, experimentation, demoralization, malformation, authentication, mitigation, differentiation, delegation, narration, capitulation, incantation, renegotiation, filtration, gravitation, sequestration, improvisation, intoxication, annotation, negation, centralization, equitation, determination, cremation, croatian, ovation, configuration, maturation, clarification, inhalation, pacification, inoculation, education, aspiration, extrapolation, gastrulation, connotation, hybridization, subordination, desperation, expiration, federation, sophistication, adaptation, allocation, organization, confirmation, saturation, christianization, meditation, emigration, corporation, suffocation, monopolization, intonation, ventilation, translation, valuation, animation, approbation, laceration, confederation, radiation, stimulation, irradiation, vacillation, confabulation, gyration, vegetation, optation, mobilization, expatriation, consolidation, deification, inactivation, interpretation, organisation, transillumination, miniaturization, allegation, foundation, dilation, conflagration, vilification, collectivization, articulation, hydrogenation, oration, relocation, immunization, donation, intimation, politicization, verification, cogitation, perpetuation, exasperation, commercialization, preparation, invalidation, desecration, extermination, observation, socialization, repudiation, predestination, instigation, destabilization, sarmatian, compensation, retaliation, overpopulation, hallucination, vibration, sensation, coagulation, punctuation, decontamination, incoordination, intensification, renomination, derivation, reconfirmation, desalination, misappropriation, immigration, nomination, conjugation, realization, personification, limitation, ostentation, detonation, lactation, nondiscrimination, calculation, quotation, categorization, trepidation, documentation, disintegration, nationalization, magnification, incrimination, constellation, legalization, misrepresentation, detoxification, eradication, importation, glorification, disorganization, justification, notification, litigation, germination, augmentation, titillation, disinformation, simplification, ligation, specification, summation, correlation, illustration, isolation, retardation, impregnation, estimation, standardization, exploitation, domination, fortification, modernization, adoration, humiliation, reaffiliation, strangulation, graduation, condensation, depredation, avocation, revitalization, location, invitation, deviation, hydration, stagflation, dalmatian, indexation, advocation, consideration, indemnification, emanation, ionization, explanation, elevation, menstruation, oscillation, amortization, marginalization, confrontation, amplification, compilation, precipitation, inhabitation, fluoridation, prostration, equivocation, moderation, visitation, incarceration, congratulation, remuneration, reforestation, ratification, ossification, normalization, communication, polarization, amputation, remediation, population, computation, nonproliferation, corroboration, alteration, obfuscation, relaxation, migration, adjudication, conglomeration, demobilization, sanctification, proration, nullification, affrication, demarcation, deformation, appreciation, deceleration, sedation, ordination, lubrication, vocation, triangulation, discoloration, variation, popularization, notation, prefabrication, preservation, reincarnation, dilatation, mineralization, generation, recreation, legislation, liquidation, duration, regulation, inspiration, procrastination, decentralization, flotation, cultivation, procreation, quantification, emulation, overvaluation, reorganization, backwardation, depravation, industrialization, representation, excavation, misapplication, respiration, replication, cooperation, fragmentation, inflammation, appropriation, syndication, reiteration, regimentation, rehydration, qualification, complication, permutation, vulgarization, tabulation, localization, navigation, hibernation, horatian, foliation, miscreation, evaluation, evocation, disinflation, restoration, reaffirmation, reparation, modulation, plantation, miseration, rumination, reclamation, obligation, interrogation, situation, equalization, initiation, annihilation, pontification, authorization, manifestation, reevaluation, domestication, dissemination, orchestration, depopulation, rotation, calibration, distillation, gradation, affiliation, miscalculation, approximation, infiltration, telecommunication, habitation, reconsideration, consolation, evacuation, indication, ministration, concentration, exacerbation, reunification, cohabitation, consummation, desolation, rededication, amalgamation, impersonation, masturbation, balkanization, vindication, deliberation, salvation, operation, recommendation, deprivation, hyperinflation, inflation, manipulation, visualization, usurpation, altercation, ramification, dehumanization, elation, disembarkation, annexation, reinvigoration, globalization, destination, decertification, misidentification, provocation, premeditation, collaboration, admiration, exploration, privatization, degeneration, suburbanization, revelation, refutation, exclamation, constipation, dissociation, modification, occupation, imputation, investigation, divination, assassination, personalization, excitation, computerization, confiscation, discrimination, dehydration, dictation, elongation, vaporization, deportation, implementation, mutation, probation, disputation, denunciation, indignation, electrification, utilization, alleviation, automation, colonization, exhortation, accumulation, reinterpretation, nitration, transplantation, gratification, figuration, segregation, rectification, temptation, prognostication, consecration, starvation, contamination, inclination, origination, facilitation, reconciliation, dramatization, resuscitation, naturalization, dissipation, insemination, congregation, repatriation, segmentation, demodulation, characterization, communization, argumentation, classification, gasification, implantation, invocation, fixation, glaciation, aviation, optimization, exfoliation, termination, commendation, falsification, indoctrination, creation, assimilation, celebration, exhumation, solicitation, libration, demonization, subluxation, protestation, tribulation, renovation, affectation, elaboration, urbanization, echolocation, violation, indentation, anticipation, stabilization, resignation, appalachian, securitization, taxation, recalculation, implication, saponification, deregulation, denationalization, consultation, illumination, simulation, pigmentation, exhalation, cancellation, sterilization, transformation, self-congratulation, perforation, propagation, rehabilitation, examination, incrustation, mechanization, instrumentation, levitation, fermentation, reservation, integration, frustration, recantation, neutralization, explication, irritation, perturbation, fertilization, westernization, stalinization, expectation, medication, reformation, perspiration, devastation, unionization;
  2. nation, station, haitian, ration;
  3. castration, carnation, citation, alsatian, causation, cessation, cetacean;
  4. aberration, activation, acclimation, abrogation, abdication, accusation;
  5. abbreviation, accreditation, acceleration, abomination, accommodation;
  6. alphabetization, cannibalization, acidification, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, antidiscrimination, americanization, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for infatuation:

Afrikaans word for Infatuation


Arabic word for Infatuation


Bengali word for Infatuation


French words for Infatuation

engouement, toquade, entichement, passion éphémère.

German words for Infatuation

Verblendung, Verliebtheit, Vernarrtheit, Betörung.

Italian word for Infatuation


Javanese word for Infatuation


Korean word for Infatuation


Malay word for Infatuation


Norwegian word for Infatuation


Polish word for Infatuation


Romanian word for Infatuation


Russian words for Infatuation

слепое увлечение, страстная влюблённость, одержимость.

Spanish word for Infatuation


Turkish word for Infatuation