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How To Spell inflexible?

Correct spelling: inflexible

Definition of inflexible:

  1. Inflexibility.

List of misspellings for inflexible:

  • 9nflexible,
  • incflexible,
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Rhymes for inflexible:

  1. flexible;

Translations for inflexible:

Afrikaans word for Inflexible


Arabic word for Inflexible

غَيْرُ مَرِنٌ.

Bengali word for Inflexible


Chinese word for Inflexible


French words for Inflexible

inflexible, rigides.

German words for Inflexible

rigide, inflexibel.

Greek word for Inflexible


Hindi word for Inflexible


Italian word for Inflexible


Korean word for Inflexible

구부러지지 않는.

Marathi word for Inflexible


Norwegian word for Inflexible


Polish word for Inflexible


Romanian word for Inflexible


Swedish word for Inflexible


Turkish word for Inflexible


Ukrainian word for Inflexible


Vietnamese word for Inflexible

không mềm dẻo.