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How To Spell influence?

Correct spelling: influence

Definition of influence:

  1. induce into action by using one's charm; "She charmed him into giving her all his money"

List of misspellings for influence:

  • ifluenza,
  • enfluenced,
  • enfluence,
  • influzena,
  • influncing,
  • inffluences,
  • incfluences,
  • enfluenza,
  • infolines,
  • infleuence,
  • nfluence,
  • influencce,
  • influence'd,
  • influensed,
  • infulincing,
  • inluence,
  • infilince,
  • iinfluenced,
  • influience,
  • infludence,
  • infulance,
  • invluences,
  • infulence,
  • influencess,
  • influencs,
  • influnza,
  • infuluences,
  • onlince,
  • infulanced,
  • influcencing,
  • influce,
  • inflounce,
  • influnace,
  • inblance,
  • inferance,
  • influnces,
  • unfluenced,
  • infleuncer,
  • infuluencial,
  • linfluence,
  • influenve,
  • infulince,
  • influned,
  • influenece,
  • infulances,
  • influancing,
  • infleance,
  • i9nfluence,
  • influenceial,
  • enfluences,
  • influenes,
  • influeincing,
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  • influances,
  • innfluence,
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  • onfidence,
  • infloence,
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  • incluence,
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  • influncened,
  • insulence,
  • influecnce,
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  • influece,
  • influnced,
  • enflunce.

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Translations for influence:

Arabic word for Influence


Dutch words for Influence

sturen, invloed, beïnvloeden, uitwerking.

French words for Influence

affecter, impact, incidence, influencer, pouvoir, rayonnement, emprise, orienter, influence, poids, ascendant, influer, exercer une influence sur.

German words for Influence

Einfluss, Einwirkung, Beeinflussung, beeinflussen, einwirken, Einflussnahme, Einwirkungsmöglichkeit, Bannkreis, Influenza.

Japanese words for Influence

影響力, 左右, インフルエンス, おかげ, 波及, 権力, せいりょく, 権勢, 趣き, かす, おす, 勢, 斡旋, ひき, お蔭, 化する, 御蔭, 威, 差響く, 偉力, てづる, お陰, はんしょう, いりょく, 貌, 趣, 化す, はんきょう, つる, 煽り, 威光, そう, あおり, えいきょう, はぶり, はきゅう.

Javanese word for Influence


Norwegian word for Influence


Polish word for Influence


Portuguese word for Influence


Russian words for Influence

влиять на, отражаться на /чём-л..

Spanish words for Influence

influencia, afectar, poder, influenciar, efecto, influir, persuadir, influjo.

Swedish word for Influence


Tamil word for Influence


Turkish word for Influence