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How To Spell innocent?

Correct spelling: innocent

What are the misspellings for innocent ?

  • innocenceabout,
  • innicoent,
  • innoscense,
  • annocement,
  • inupiant,
  • innceident,
  • annount,
  • annoucement,
  • uncoscient,
  • innosence,
  • effiencent,
  • innocens,
  • anicent,
  • inercent,
  • inscents,
  • incont,
  • annocene,
  • vencent,
  • inosent,
  • insociety,
  • inacents,
  • insurment,
  • nacent,
  • omnicent,
  • aincient,
  • inncoent,
  • inocint,
  • innocenes,
  • antecent,
  • inisint,
  • indcent,
  • inciendt,
  • unrecent,
  • inerrent,
  • innoscent,
  • inpacient,
  • insurent,
  • innocencet,
  • inicidnet,
  • innocense,
  • innoent,
  • incant,
  • annecedote,
  • indecient,
  • anceant,
  • innoncet,
  • anncient,
  • cinncinnatii,
  • cinncinati,
  • innocene,
  • annouceing,
  • innercent,
  • innorcent,
  • ancienct,
  • ignornant,
  • inpaicent,
  • vinecent,
  • inocents,
  • incogneto,
  • innocnet,
  • innconet,
  • incednt,
  • enforcent,
  • noncehlant,
  • inncedent,
  • innoceint,
  • innosent,
  • innocint,
  • insecent,
  • inoscent,
  • incedint,
  • announceent,
  • innecent,
  • annoint,
  • ononced,
  • incicent,
  • infocenter,
  • anticent,
  • inocent,
  • inscent,
  • innocen,
  • inocently,
  • inniconet,
  • nnocent,
  • incount,
  • innnocence,
  • inasent,
  • innnocent,
  • innoccent,
  • annouced,
  • inccent,
  • innicent,
  • insessent,
  • innoscient,
  • innocnt,
  • insocent,
  • inncident,
  • inoocense,
  • inoccent,
  • innoscence.

What is the definition of innocent?

  1. lacking in sophistication or worldliness; "a child's innocent stare"; "his ingenuous explanation that he would not have burned the church if he had not thought the bishop was in it"

 \i-nnoce-nt, inn(o)-cent\

Innocent as a boy's name is a variant of Innocenzio (Italian), and the meaning of Innocent is "innocent".
  • Innocenty,
  • Inocencio,
  • Wincenty.

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What are the quotes for innocent?

  1. No human being is innocent, but there is a class of innocent human actions called Games.
  2. In fact, the Iraqi foreign minister admitted in March 2003 that Iraqi funds were sent to families of Palestinian suicide bombers who attacked and killed innocent Israeli citizens, and also 12 Americans in Israel in 2003.
  3. It would be easy to define terrorism as attacks against human rights and international humanitarian law forbids attacks against innocent non -combatants which is often the definition used for terrorism.
  4. Terms like that, "Humane Society," are devised with people like me in mind, who don't care to dwell on what happens to the innocent.
  5. Imagine, a September 11 with weapons of mass destruction. It's not 3, 000. It's tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

What are the translations for innocent?

Afrikaans words for Innocent

argeloos, onskuldige.

Arabic word for Innocent


Chinese word for Innocent


Dutch words for Innocent

onschuldig, onnozel, ongevaarlijk, onschadelijk, onbedorven, schuldeloos, onwetend.

French words for Innocent

petit, inoffensif, innocent, anodin, innocentes, ingénu, non coupable.

German words for Innocent

gutartig, unschuldig, Unschuldiger, harmlos, arglos, schuldlos, naiv, unbefleckt, schuldfrei, sittlich rein, ahnungslos, treuherzig, scheinheilig, Unschuld.

Greek word for Innocent


Hindi word for Innocent


Italian word for Innocent


Japanese words for Innocent

イノセント, 無実, 初々しい, 無辜, お芽出度い, 汚れの無い, 幼気ない, 初心, 幼気, 御芽出度い, つみがない, お目出度い, 御愛でたい, 初初しい, お愛でたい, 罪がない, がんぜない, むこ, 御目出度い, 産, うぶ, つみのない, 淳良, いたいけない, 子どもらしい, 頑是無い, いたいけ, 子供らしい, 頑是ない, ういういしい, じゅん, いじらしい, 潔白な.

Norwegian word for Innocent


Polish word for Innocent


Romanian word for Innocent


Russian word for Innocent


Spanish word for Innocent


Swedish word for Innocent


Tamil word for Innocent


Turkish word for Innocent


Ukrainian word for Innocent