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How To Spell innovation?

Correct spelling: innovation

What are the misspellings for innovation ?

  • innformation,
  • inpation,
  • annillation,
  • inofmation,
  • innovatios,
  • informtiaon,
  • innvetion,
  • annihlation,
  • infoarmion,
  • infornatiobn,
  • infonnation,
  • unfortionly,
  • invittaion,
  • infromation,
  • infomration,
  • inatioation,
  • invastion,
  • invaison,
  • innovatoin,
  • innnovation,
  • invoation,
  • invasian,
  • infuration,
  • infroation,
  • invivation,
  • infortion,
  • infamation,
  • innfromation,
  • intervation,
  • invokation,
  • imfomation,
  • innovaton,
  • inportion,
  • innovaiton,
  • infomartion,
  • infoemation,
  • inviolation,
  • innovatiove,
  • infomation,
  • infoamrtion,
  • informtion,
  • inovations,
  • inoovation,
  • invawsion,
  • inivation,
  • intervetion,
  • ifnormation,
  • inforaion,
  • invotation,
  • inforation,
  • innvation,
  • invitaion,
  • inovasion,
  • innovationis,
  • renvation,
  • intovation,
  • renvovation,
  • invtation,
  • infomiation,
  • infoiniation,
  • invashion,
  • inofmration,
  • inofamtion,
  • nofition,
  • inormation,
  • inviation,
  • invovation,
  • enovation,
  • innocation,
  • annuciation,
  • infation,
  • infofmation,
  • infuomation,
  • inportian,
  • innovatin,
  • annilation,
  • invittion,
  • inbovation,
  • renorvation,
  • innavation,
  • innvovation,
  • infmoration,
  • invatition,
  • innvations,
  • invasioin,
  • infomasion,
  • rennovation,
  • infornation,
  • convation,
  • intoversion,
  • invassion,
  • infomashion,
  • onfomation,
  • invation,
  • novation,
  • infomrtion,
  • inovation,
  • inniciation,
  • rnovation,
  • innvocation.

What is the definition of innovation?

  1. a creation (a new device or process) resulting from study and experimentation

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This graph shows how "innovation" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for innovation?

  1. For America's economic future to remain prosperous, we must encourage pro -growth policies so that we continue to be the leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  2. Microsoft is not about greed. It's about innovation and fairness.
  3. There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach.
  4. Technological innovation is indeed important to economic growth and the enhancement of human possibilities.
  5. The innovation is going to come, and that is good for everybody.

What are the rhymes for innovation?

  1. flotation, masturbation, congratulation, inhalation, argumentation, prognostication, obligation, recalculation, approbation, revitalization, excitation, incrimination, vocation, inclination, hallucination, inflammation, pasteurization, trepidation, diversification, recreation, dedication, disintegration, gyration, disorganization, ventilation, hibernation, intoxication, exaggeration, animation, disorientation, capitulation, cancellation, relation, telecommunication, avocation, reinterpretation, narration, cremation, delegation, ordination, confabulation, cooperation, transformation, evacuation, elimination, duration, organisation, fermentation, alienation, renomination, annexation, misapplication, emigration, solicitation, fortification, evocation, dissociation, lactation, polarization, domestication, undervaluation, articulation, cogitation, termination, documentation, embarkation, marginalization, horatian, experimentation, electrification, education, humiliation, concentration, expectation, stimulation, nondiscrimination, rumination, appropriation, aviation, desecration, socialization, temptation, decontamination, plantation, indication, compilation, manifestation, consideration, ornamentation, reaffiliation, conglomeration, origination, orientation, gestation, ministration, mitigation, corroboration, irrigation, suffocation, intimation, contemplation, neutralization, personification, speculation, segmentation, fixation, ratification, elevation, simulation, application, insubordination, emulation, perpetuation, redecoration, renovation, desperation, preoccupation, importation, explanation, respiration, emanation, impregnation, civilization, proliferation, urbanization, accumulation, inhabitation, exfoliation, sequestration, generalization, organization, prefabrication, contamination, specification, adjudication, mutation, regulation, continuation, suburbanization, reexamination, desalinization, subordination, figuration, falsification, integration, validation, inflation, protestation, reconciliation, elongation, nationalization, recertification, repudiation, bifurcation, molestation, ligation, depreciation, renegotiation, sterilization, sanitation, expropriation, demodulation, irradiation, commemoration, dilatation, mutilation, allocation, classification, depravation, enumeration, procrastination, preservation, demoralization, pontification, affirmation, regeneration, immigration, investigation, backwardation, monopolization, reflation, dictation, ejaculation, negotiation, excommunication, pollination, disembarkation, miniaturization, hospitalization, dissipation, insemination, incapacitation, modification, libration, vilification, echolocation, pigmentation, medication, dehydration, sedimentation, altercation, ostentation, desalination, vegetation, optimization, sedation, desegregation, corp, alleviation, dispensation, resuscitation, gastrulation, reconfirmation, equitation, toleration, glaciation, fertilization, imitation, impersonation, disinflation, improvisation, consultation, conjugation, jubilation, instrumentation, limitation, infatuation, unification, variation, insinuation, gasification, conservation, collectivization, invocation, correlation, illumination, reinvigoration, duplication, exhumation, deflation, sanctification, discoloration, gravitation, gratification, starvation, coordination, propagation, lubrication, representation, fluoridation, detoxification, magnification, codification, deprivation, motivation, premeditation, hybridization, naturalization, situation, christianization, victimization, granulation, maximization, revaluation, disinclination, filtration, pagination, admiration, rotation, devaluation, colonization, maturation, legislation, liberation, mechanization, punctuation, aspiration, aggravation, designation, fabrication, indemnification, nomination, exhalation, degeneration, preparation, interrogation, multiplication, calculation, decentralization, communication, corporation, ovation, deportation, stipulation, affectation, inspiration, industrialization, cultivation, usurpation, rejuvenation, quotation, strangulation, gentrification, vaporization, amalgamation, exoneration, irritation, combination, divination, commercialization, litigation, examination, vaccination, denationalization, dislocation, federation, inoculation, fumigation, inactivation, verification, vulgarization, appellation, derivation, crustacean, extermination, self-congratulation, isolation, purification, miseration, incarnation, presentation, infiltration, summation, standardization, misrepresentation, prostration, justification, replication, implication, syndication, reconfiguration, regimentation, hydrogenation, stalinization, menstruation, vacation, occupation, reforestation, infestation, confirmation, coronation, deforestation, remediation, revocation, exclamation, reconsideration, fluctuation, exploration, communization, disputation, russification, popularization, gradation, demobilization, immunization, allegation, probation, amplification, retardation, destabilization, exploitation, mummification, authorization, mineralization, liberalization, denomination, evaluation, optation, alteration, vibration, coagulation, rehabilitation, discontinuation, radiation, moderation, politicization, mediation, commendation, relaxation, reauthorization, rededication, incantation, conflagration, destination, overpopulation, misidentification, vindication, recommendation, certification, navigation, restoration, culmination, confiscation, characterization, repatriation, defamation, ovulation, normalization, miscalculation, hesitation, reunification, intensification, notification, connotation, qualification, criminalization, titillation, installation, taxation, utilization, vacillation, complication, indoctrination, depredation, refutation, sensation, decoration, migration, perturbation, stagflation, incarceration, malformation, quantification, recrimination, constipation, refrigeration, incoordination, separation, oscillation, pressurization, miscommunication, ramification, deformation, westernization, demarcation, securitization, foliation, recitation, remuneration, implantation, incubation, perforation, reclamation, ossification, transillumination, disqualification, provocation, unionization, reformation, devastation, initiation, overvaluation, habitation, annihilation, anticipation, retaliation, legalization, reorganization, predestination, categorization, precipitation, facilitation, expiration, confrontation, coloration, transportation, implementation, perspiration, edification, permutation, adoration, exhortation, misinterpretation, machination, nucleation, harmonization, association, reputation, imagination, exhilaration, proclamation, collaboration, miscreation, reverberation, convocation, consolidation, demonstration, declaration, recantation, agitation, imputation, obfuscation, segregation, amortization, expatriation, operation, modernization, indignation, sophistication, incrustation, cohabitation, translation, reaffirmation, degradation, resignation, democratization, appalachian, illustration, dalmatian, nullification, information, misinformation, demonization, assassination, deviation, deregulation, frustration, arbitration, hyperinflation, oxidation, liquidation, dissertation, orchestration, indexation, personalization, fibrillation, incorporation, transplantation, simplification, globalization, adaptation, interpretation, annotation, conversation, stabilization, revelation, pacification, stagnation, appreciation, saturation, consolation, visualization, excavation, sarmatian, renunciation, salvation, intonation, oration, reparation, intimidation, registration, congregation, distillation, fragmentation, recuperation, decapitation, deification, reincarnation, subluxation, consternation, desolation, modulation, croatian, triangulation, determination, observation, identification, tribulation, eradication, saponification, meditation, donation, adulation, substantiation, augmentation, reevaluation, depopulation, pronunciation, formation, concatenation, dissemination, mobilization, privation, decertification, formulation, desiccation, escalation, dilation, levitation, instigation, affrication, affiliation, rehydration, consecration, dehumanization, visitation, foundation, graduation, deceleration, configuration, proration, agglomeration, reservation, laceration, authentication, confederation, invalidation, indentation, rectification, location, notation, estimation, reallocation, exasperation, assimilation, rationalization, privatisation, extrapolation, valuation, reiteration, negation, differentiation, dramatization, misappropriation, creation, publication, approximation, tabulation, nonproliferation, localization, emancipation, computerization, deliberation, amelioration, privatization, automation, conciliation, celebration, manipulation, realization, magnetization, flirtation, palpitation, disinformation, compensation, profanation, procreation, computation, elation, exacerbation, discrimination, domination, elaboration, invitation, delineation, reclassification, specialization, participation, ionization, relocation, centralization, insulation, equalization, violation, balkanization, condensation, equivocation, denunciation, hydration, nitration, evaporation, population, fascination, advocation, germination, damnation, calibration, clarification, explication, condemnation, inauguration, amputation, glorification, subsidization, generation, inundation, constellation, detonation, consummation;
  2. haitian, ration, station, nation;
  3. carnation, alsatian, castration, cessation, cetacean, citation, causation;
  4. aberration, abrogation, abdication, accusation, acclimation, activation;
  5. abomination, abbreviation, accreditation, acceleration, accommodation;
  6. acidification, capitalization, cannibalization, alphabetization;
  7. americanization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination, decriminalization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

What are the translations for innovation?

Afrikaans word for Innovation


Arabic word for Innovation


Bengali word for Innovation

নবপ্রবর্তিত বস্তু.

Dutch words for Innovation

innovatie, nieuwigheid, vernieuwing.

German words for Innovation

Fortschritt, Innovation, Neuerung, Neuheit, Innovationskraft.

Greek word for Innovation


Hindi word for Innovation


Italian word for Innovation


Korean word for Innovation


Malay word for Innovation


Marathi word for Innovation

नवीन उपक्रम.

Norwegian word for Innovation


Polish words for Innovation

innowacja, innowacyjność, nowatorstwo, nowinka.

Romanian word for Innovation


Russian words for Innovation

инновация, нововведение, новаторство, инновационный, новаторский, новинка, новая идея.

Turkish word for Innovation


Ukrainian word for Innovation


Vietnamese word for Innovation

sự đổi mới.