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Spell Check of inspired

Correct spelling: inspired

Definition of inspired:

  1. of such surpassing excellence as to suggest divine inspiration; " her pies were simply divine"; " the divine Shakespeare"; " an elysian meal"; " an inspired performance"

Common misspellings for inspired:

  • inpired (13%)
  • inspried (13%)
  • inspierd (7%)
  • insprired (7%)
  • inspiered (7%)
  • inspiried (5%)
  • ispired (5%)
  • enspired (5%)
  • inpsired (4%)
  • insipired (4%)
Misspellings percentages are collected from over 15,411,110 spell check sessions on www.spellchecker.net from Jan 2010 - Jun 2012.

Examples of usage for inspired:

  1. Horror drove him away from the dead German and inspired him with the strength of despair.... "The Rough Road" , William John Locke.
  2. Then she had an inspired hunch. "Syndrome" , Thomas Hoover.
  3. To the beautiful girl who listened, spell- bound, he seemed as one inspired. "The Sins of Séverac Bablon" , Sax Rohmer.