How To Spell intend?

Correct spelling: intend

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What is the definition of intend?

  1. To mean; to design; to purpose.

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What are the translations for intend?

Afrikaans word for Intend

van plan.

Arabic word for Intend


Bengali word for Intend

মনস্থ করা.

Chinese words for Intend

打算, 有意, 意图.

Dutch words for Intend

van plan zijn, beogen, bedoelen.

French word for Intend


German words for Intend

bestimmen, vorsehen, meinen, beabsichtigen, vorhaben, intendieren, Willen.

Greek word for Intend

σκοπεύω να.

Hindi word for Intend


Italian word for Intend

avere intenzione.

Japanese word for Intend


Javanese word for Intend


Korean word for Intend

...할 작정이다.

Malay word for Intend


Marathi word for Intend


Polish word for Intend


Portuguese words for Intend

planejar, tencionar.

Romanian word for Intend

a intenționa.

Russian words for Intend

намереваться, преследовать цель, иметь намерение, задумывать, замышлять.

Spanish words for Intend

dirigir, aspirar, procurar, querer, intentar, destinar, pretender, planear, planificar, pensar, acometer, tener la intención de, tener planeado.

Swedish word for Intend

avse att.

Tamil word for Intend


Turkish word for Intend

niyet etmek.

Ukrainian word for Intend

мати намір.

Vietnamese word for Intend

có ý định.