How To Spell interesting?

Correct spelling: interesting

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What is the definition of interesting?

  1. arousing or holding the attention

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What are the rhymes for interesting?

  1. uninteresting;

What are the translations for interesting?

Arabic word for Interesting


Chinese words for Interesting

趣, 有趣的, 很有趣, 有兴趣, 有意思的.

Dutch words for Interesting

curieus, boeiend, belangwekkend.

French words for Interesting

curieux, singulier, passionnant, innovant, intéressant, fascinant, attrayant, captivant.

German words for Interesting

interessant, von Interesse, amüsant.

Greek word for Interesting


Japanese word for Interesting


Korean word for Interesting

흥미 있는.

Malay word for Interesting


Portuguese words for Interesting

atraente, interessante, interessantes, aliciante.

Romanian word for Interesting


Spanish words for Interesting

interesante, significativo, curioso, interesantes, tentador.

Swedish word for Interesting


Tamil word for Interesting


Turkish word for Interesting