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Correct spelling: intervention

Definition of intervention:

  1. Interposition; agency of persons; agency or instrumentality; mediation.

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Examples of usage for intervention:

  1. This higher sort of consciousness seems to have evolved in some people to- day without the intervention of such an experience as that of Lazarus or one such as that of the above subject of the Society for Psychical Research. –  by
  2. She waited until he had finished, but she seemed to take very little, if any, notice of his intervention –  by
  3. Broadly speaking, a very familiar sign tends to operate directly in this manner, and the intervention of consciousness marks an imperfectly established habit. –  by

Quotes for intervention:

  1. Tony Blair faced a massive defection from his own party ranks during voting around the intervention in Iraq. For our present purpose, the point is not that he survived the defection, but that he had to face it.
  2. I am a big believer in early intervention.
  3. However, lifestyle intervention requires discipline with a tangible end result that is within reach. It requires personal resolve, a lifelong commitment.
  4. We do not support the man. We do not support the individual. We support the idea of independent revolution in the Western Hemisphere, free from American intervention.
  5. This is not about abortion or the antics. This is about pro choice versus anti -choice and government intervention in a woman's personal decisions about her life.