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Spell Check of intone

Correct spelling: intone

Definition of intone:

  1. To chant; to read in a singing, recitative style.
  2. To utter a deep, protracted sound.

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Rhymes for intone:

  1. moan, hone, roan, rhone, thrown, lone, shown, phone, roane, trone, goen, bone, bowne, grown, mon, boan, hoen, groan, cone, rone, flown, sewn, mone, doane, drone, zone, sown, doan, scone, jone, coan, tone, don't, throne, prone, blown, stone, own, sharon, koen, joan, clone, fone, known, crone, loan, sloane, sloan, shone, cohn;
  2. dethrone, unknown, alone, cyclone, homegrown, tirone, trombone, perone, leone, tyrone, damone, malone, carone, postpone, dijon, disown, outshone, marone, bemoan, bayonne, simone, outgrown, raton, pavone, atone, condone, capone, ramone, hipbone, cologne, ramon;
  3. calderon, overblown, unbeknown, overthrown, bourguignon, overgrown;
  4. concepcion;