How To Spell introduce?

Correct spelling: introduce

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This graph shows how "introduce" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for introduce?

  1. The woman smiled again but didn't introduce herself in turn. – Syndrome by Thomas Hoover

What are the translations for introduce?

Arabic word for Introduce


Bengali word for Introduce

প্রবর্তন করা.

Chinese words for Introduce

引入, 推出, 引进, 荐引, 延见.

Dutch words for Introduce

aanbieden, presenteren, aankondigen, introduceren, voorstellen, voer, introducé.

French words for Introduce

sortir, inclure, instaurer, adopter, reporter, lancer, introduire, initier, insérer, implanter, faire les présentations sur.

German words for Introduce

einweisen, einsetzen, einbringen, vorstellen, ergreifen, aufwerfen, ansagen, einleiten, einschleppen, anschneiden, anfangen, heranführen, hereinbringen.

Greek word for Introduce


Italian words for Introduce

presentare, introdurre, istituire, inserire.

Japanese word for Introduce


Korean word for Introduce


Malay word for Introduce


Norwegian word for Introduce


Portuguese words for Introduce

apresentar, impor, introduzir.

Romanian word for Introduce

a introduce.

Spanish words for Introduce

presentar, establecer, mostrar, introducir, lanzar, aplicar, iniciar, incorporar, adoptar, mencionar, implementar, proponer, instaurar, implantar, instituir.

Swedish word for Introduce


Tamil word for Introduce


Turkish word for Introduce

takdim etmek.