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This graph shows how "invested" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for invested:

  1. So much so, that occasionally, with thousands invested, he has hardly any ready money. "Hodge and His Masters" , Richard Jefferies.
  2. But there is no fixed proportion whatever between the number of labourers and the capital they require- it entirely depends upon the length of time in which the capital is turned over, that is, invested, and got back again. "Political economy" , W. Stanley Jevons.
  3. But as these things had previously been made by labour, we may consider that the capital really invested in them was the wages of the labourers who had already made them. "Political economy" , W. Stanley Jevons.

Quotes for invested:

  1. You have to get the audience invested even if you're doing something that they think is dumb, it's kind of what these movies are all about. - Halle Berry
  2. All new states are invested, more or less, by a class of noisy, second -rate men who are always in favor of rash and extreme measures, but Texas was absolutely overrun by such men. - Sam Houston
  3. I suspect that we might actually start selling some records with these artists in about 10 years. Some the people who invested, they're a little tight -because it's a lot of money to start up a company. - Branford Marsalis
  4. I have invested some money and I have a home, but people don't realise that you might only be working for a few weeks of the year and remain unemployed the rest of the time. - Greta Scacchi
  5. When I finished school, I took my entire life savings- $5, 000- and invested it in a business. I was young. I was inexperienced. But I was an entrepreneur, and I was proud. And in six weeks, I was broke. - Mark Warner
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