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How To Spell issue?

Correct spelling: issue

Definition of issue:

  1. circulate or distribute; "issue a new uniform to the children"

List of misspellings for issue:

  • isuue,
  • issa,
  • sissue,
  • ossipee,
  • eissues,
  • assued,
  • isssues,
  • assur,
  • isone,
  • dissue,
  • asoume,
  • kirsie,
  • issuees,
  • tissur,
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  • ausume,
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What does the abbreviation issue mean?

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Quotes for issue:

  1. The most important ways in which I think the Internet will affect the big issue is that it will make it more difficult for government to collect taxes.
  2. Few things are brought to a successful issue by impetuous desire, but most by calm and prudent forethought.
  3. Issue the orders Sir, and I will storm Hell.
  4. Tone on jazz guitars is a real tough issue.
  5. The issue for my character, and the issue of the show is, how dirty do your feet have to get without suffocating yourself in the mud in order to get an inch of what you really want done?

Rhymes for issue:

  1. tissue;
  2. reissue;

Translations for issue:

Afrikaans words for Issue

sak, kwessie.

Arabic word for Issue


Catalan word for Issue


Chinese words for Issue

配发, 发表, 做出, 颁, 颁发, 下达.

Dutch words for Issue

punt, geval, onderwerp, uitgifte, probleem, kwestie, vraagstuk, editie, uitgeven, uitvaardigen, vraag, uitgave, afgifte, verstrekken, aangelegenheid, emissie.

French words for Issue

sortir, fournir, enjeu, question, problème, numéro, publication, émettre, publier, remettre, promulguer, délivrer, distribuer, diffuser, aspect, descendance, édicter.

German words for Issue

liefern, Ausgabe, Thema, Frage, Problem, Heft, Angelegenheit, Nummer, Aspekt, leibliche Nachkommenschaft, ausgeben, erstellen, ausstellen, erteilen, erlassen, herausgeben, ausfertigen, Ausstellung, Problematik, Anliegen, Thematik, Punkt, Emission, Sache, Erteilung, Fall, Kernpunkt, Sachverhalt, Streitfrage, Aktienausgabe, Abschluss, Ergebnis, Ausgang, Streitpunkt, Ausleihe, Belang, Schluss, Ausleihung, Effektenemission, Streitfall, Austritt, begeben, zuteilen, verteilen, emittieren, publizieren, herauskommen, hervorbrechen, aushändigen, in Umlauf setzen, herausbringen, ausströmen, Formular, Dossier, Sujet, Donner.

Greek word for Issue


Hindi word for Issue


Italian words for Issue

pubblicazione, fascicolo, emissione, discussione.

Japanese words for Issue

号, 刊行, 発出, はっしゅつ, 胤, 首尾, 論点.

Korean word for Issue


Malay words for Issue

Masalah, isu.

Marathi word for Issue


Polish words for Issue

sprawa, kwestia, zagadnienie, wydawanie.

Portuguese words for Issue

edição, assunto, publicação, ponto, remessa, temática, problemática, tiragem, facto, colocar em circulação.

Romanian word for Issue


Russian words for Issue

вопрос, проблема, номер, тема.

Spanish words for Issue

salir, objetivo, problema, extender, facilitar, tema, cuestión, asunto, edición, emitir, expedir, publicar, dar, resultado, otorgar, punto, salida, prestar, fluir, elemento, caso, distribuir, generar, tirada, aspecto, promulgar, decretar, dictar, editar, problemática.

Swedish word for Issue


Turkish word for Issue