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How To Spell Italy?

Correct spelling: Italy

Definition of Italy:

  1. abounding with calves or heifers

List of misspellings for Italy:

  • initallly,
  • ulitily,
  • intailly,
  • biterly,
  • itallin,
  • usially,
  • atila,
  • atively,
  • itwill,
  • essitail,
  • italain,
  • ihale,
  • tital,
  • idlly,
  • etely,
  • itlaic,
  • outonly,
  • ectualy,
  • atualy,
  • idale,
  • initilaay,
  • inituially,
  • ttoally,
  • istall,
  • avtually,
  • idealy,
  • atually,
  • intirley,
  • ideliy,
  • actally,
  • natly,
  • accaly,
  • italso,
  • itelf,
  • eturnaly,
  • titale,
  • iniitally,
  • iniatally,
  • uttely,
  • ruital,
  • utitliy,
  • wittly,
  • initualy,
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  • idily.

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Comune in Italy

Capracotta is a comune in the Province of Isernia in the Italian region Molise, located about 45 kilometres northwest of Campobasso and about 25 kilometres north of Isernia.

Italy women's national rugby union team


The Italy women's national rugby union team are the national female rugby union side representing Italy at international level.

Italy women's national water polo team


The Italy women's national water polo team represents Italy in international women's water polo competitions and friendly matches.



Town in Italy

Jesolo is a seaside resort town and comune in the Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy. With around six million visitors per year, Jesolo is one of the largest beach resorts in the country, and ranks 7th overall as a tourist destination.



City in Italy

Mestre is the centre and the most populated urban area of the mainland of Venice, part of the territory of the Metropolitan City of Venice, in Veneto, northern Italy.

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This graph shows how "Italy" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for Italy:

  1. " But look here, Miss Girond," he exclaimed, " if she has gone back to her friends in Italy that's all right; but if she is in this country, without any occupation, her money will soon be exhausted- she can't have had so very much. – Prince Fortunatus by William Black

Quotes for Italy:

  1. Well, the Communists at that moment were very strong in Italy and the Italian Communist Party was the biggest Communist Party outside Soviet Union, there's no doubt about that.
  2. The political tradition of ancient thought, filtered in Italy by Machiavelli, says one thing clearly: every prince needs allies, and the bigger the responsibility, the more allies he needs.
  3. It's a family that's loaded with grudges and passion. We come from a long line of robbers and highwaymen in Italy, you know. Killers, even.
  4. A man who has not been in Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority.
  5. I live in Italy part time, and they're obsessed with what's happening in LA too. They make fun of Americans, but the world wants to know what's going on in Hollywood.

Rhymes for Italy:

  1. wittily;

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nước Ý.