How To Spell Jared?

Correct spelling: Jared

What is the definition of Jared?

  1. a ruling; commanding; coming down


Jared as a boy's name is pronounced JARE-ed. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Jared is "descending". Related to Jordan. Biblical: Jared was a pre-Flood ancestor of Jesus. Jered was a descendant of Judah. The modern popularity of Jared initially was perhaps due to the character Jarrod on the 1960s TV Western "Big Valley".
  • Jarrod,
  • Jerrod,
  • Jarrard,
  • Jarid,
  • Jarod,
  • Jarad,
  • Jarrad,
  • Jarred,
  • Jarrid,
  • Jaryd,
  • Jerad,
  • Jered,
  • Jerod,
  • Jerrad,
  • Jerred.

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What are the quotes for Jared?

  1. And I did a movie called Basil with Jared Leto and Christian Slater.

What are the rhymes for Jared?

  1. harrod, herod, sherrod;