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Spell Check of jazzy

Correct spelling: jazzy


Common misspellings for jazzy:

jazy, lazzy.

Jazzy \j(az)-zy\

Jazzy as a girl's name is a variant of Jazzlyn (American).
Izzy, Jacy, Jacey.

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Examples of usage for jazzy:

  1. When again couples were seeking each other to the jazzy invitation of the musicians, King slipped away and went outside. "The Everlasting Whisper" , Jackson Gregory.
  2. I want to be fair, but a man should be hanged Who's any less liberal than I. The Jazzy Bard Labor is a thing I do not like; Workin's makes me want to go on strike; Sittin' in an office on a sunny afternoon, Thinkin' o' nothin' but a ragtime tune. "Something Else Again" , Franklin P. Adams.

Quotes for jazzy:

  1. I think that the jazzy approach that I have is based on the way that I hear music and in the way I play a supporting role to the other people in the band. - Jimmy Chamberlin
  2. I don't understand why Europeans and South Americans can take more sophistication. Why is it that Americans need to hear their happiness major and their tragedy minor, and as jazzy as they can handle is a seventh chord? Are they not experiencing complex emotions? - Joni Mitchell
  3. If I take a less defensive tone, I'd admit that I couldn't write today a very jazzy, contemporary look at America as I did in 1979 in States of Desire. - Edmund White

Rhymes for jazzy:

  1. anasazi.
  2. snazzy.
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