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How To Spell jean?

Correct spelling: jean

What is the definition of jean?

  1. A twilled cotton cloth.

What does the abbreviation jean mean?


God is gracious
Jean as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Jean), is pronounced jeen. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Jean is "God is gracious". Variant of Jane, from John. Originally from the Hebrew Yochana and translated into Latin as Joanna or Johanna. These then developed into the Old French Jehanne. The name retains a Scottish flavour. See also Sheena. Actresses Jean Arthur, Jean Harlow.

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What are the rhymes for jean?

  1. kean, screen, lene, spleen, dean, cian, deen, leen, gean, keen, freen, deane, seen, lean, frean, treen, plein, wien, skene, teen, scene, wean, preen, meine, green, keane, keene, steen, greene, mien, clean, sheen, queen, breen, lien, jeane, mclean, bean, haen, nene, mean, glean, jeanne, gene, wein;
  2. machine, maureen, lamine, citrine, medin, helene, moreen, unclean, jeanine, baleen, eugene, laureen, selene, charlene, cathleen, amin, killeen, vaccine, moline, aileen, caffeine, sistine, latrine, umpteen, georgine, sixteen, colleen, justine, levine, ardeen, arleen, agin, serene, christine, wileen, noreen, francine, marine, careen, saline, sarene, kathleen, irene, convene, doreen, casein, shirleen, lorene, aleen, maxine, laurene, aldin, marcin, clymene, slovene, charline, cuisine, kristine, onscreen, alene, nadine, marleene, martine, canteen, philene, coleen, nineteen, unseen, sabine, thirteen, benzene, obscene, salin, ameen, pauline, celine, ravine, sardine, crimean, jolene, carleen, eighteen, claudine, marleen, between, lurleen, seguin, myrlene, deneen, joaquin, corinne, fourteen, demean, janine, ireene, fifteen, feldene, chretien, sunscreen, charleen, eileen, racine, preteen, foreseen, sharleen;
  3. intervene, augustin, bernadine, gelatine, halloween, wolverine, hallowe'en, tambourine, geraldine, madelene, reconvene, unforeseen, propylene, seventeen, figurine, benyamin, smithereen, trampoline, valentin, tangerine, submarine;
  4. aquamarine, mujahedeen, mujahideen;

What are the translations for jean?

Arabic word for Jean


French words for Jean

jean, en jean.

German word for Jean


Russian word for Jean


Spanish word for Jean


Ukrainian word for Jean


Vietnamese word for Jean

vải chéo go.