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Spell Check of Jeannie

Correct spelling: Jeannie


Jeannie \je(an)-nie\

God is gracious
Jeannie as a girl's name is a variant of Jean (Hebrew), and the meaning of Jeannie is "God is gracious".
Jeanie, Jennie, Jannie, Jeanne.

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This graph shows how "Jeannie" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for Jeannie:

  1. Jeannie looked fearfully at her father, and refused to taste the wine, though her lips were as withered leaves. "Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Vol. XX" , Alexander Leighton.
  2. Mrs. Lewis Marchbanks had talked behind her with Jeannie Hadden about her playing. "We Girls: A Home Story" , Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney.
  3. Mrs. Lewis Marchbanks and Jeannie Hadden praised my playing; more than I could tell you, really; and Mrs. Marchbanks wants a-" Ruth stopped, and laughed at the word that was coming-" lady- teacher for Lily, and so does Mrs. Hadden for Reba. "We Girls: A Home Story" , Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney.

Quotes for Jeannie:

  1. The first book that they gave me was Jeannie, a young teenager. I went on with her maybe ten books. - Dan DeCarlo
  2. Then he took me off Jeannie and he gave me Millie the Model. That was a big break for me. It wasn't doing to well and somehow when I got on it became quite successful. - Dan DeCarlo

Rhymes for Jeannie:

  1. adine, ankeny, ardine, armine, bellini, leontine.
  2. alfonsine, ambrosine, ameline.
  3. aveline, berdine, bikini, bodine, bonine, carine, carnine, celestine, cellini, cherubini, coline, delcine, delfine, deline, delphine, domine, dorine, emmaline, eugenie, fettuccine, florine, genie, gilbertine, heaney, houdini, jeanie, larine, lentini, linguine, maraline, marcelline, marini, martini, maurine, meany, modestine, morine, mussolini, nicoline, orsini, paganini, perrine, pini, provine, puccini, queenie, rini, rosine, rossini, sarine, serafine, seraphine, sweeney, sweeny, teenie, teeny, thomasine, tomasine, toscanini, verine, victorine, vini, volentine, weeny, yemeni, zorine, zucchini.
  4. cini, dini.
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