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Correct spelling: jerusalem

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Examples of usage for jerusalem:

  1. Mr. Howell's literary work has broadened and deepened into this, the latest and most important, and we think his best work,- says the New Jerusalem Messenger. –  by

Quotes for jerusalem:

  1. But always I regarded myself as one who was born in Jerusalem.
  2. The Old City of Jerusalem is in our hands.
  3. Jerusalem Syndrome is actually a rare psychological condition that occurs to some visitors to the Middle East. They get to Israel and just snap.
  4. First of all, Arafat is wrong. Jerusalem is Israel's capital, will never be divided, and will remain the capital of the State of Israel, the capital of the Jewish people, for ever and ever.
  5. Perhaps areas of Israel where current large Palestinian populations and demographic realities exist could be exchanged for Israeli expansion into the West Bank to include most of East Jerusalem.