How To Spell job?

Correct spelling: job

What is the definition of job?

  1. a crime (especially a robbery); "the gang pulled off a bank job in St. Louis"

What does the abbreviation job mean?


Job as a boy's name is pronounced johb. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Job is "persecuted". Biblical: a man called by God "blameless and upright". Job is proverbial as an example of patience under trial.

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What are the rhymes for job?

  1. baab, sob, jobe, mob, lobe, knob, lob, cob, bob, globe, loeb, snob, rob, robe, prob, swab, mobe, cobe, saab, tobe, robb, dob, raab, hob, naab, throb, strobe, schwab, blob, cobb, haab, bobe, gob, probe, slob, glob;
  2. latrobe, punjab;
  3. miserables;

What are the translations for job?

Arabic word for Job


Chinese words for Job

业, 职务, 饭碗, 差事, 执事, 人名: 若布, (Job)人名, (英)乔布.

Dutch words for Job

baan, klus, taak, karwei, functie, betrekking, beroep, opdracht, arbeidsplaats, werkkring, opgave.

French words for Job

travail, poste, place, fonction, devoir, emploi, boulot.

German words for Job

Problem, Sache, Aufgabe, Anstellung, Leistung, Auftrag, Arbeit, Posten, Stelle, Position, Stellung, Arbeitsplatz, Beruf, arbeiten, Obligation, Werk, Mission, Arbeitsstelle, Job, Gelegenheitsarbeiten verrichten, Profession, Metier, ausgeübter Beruf, Labor, Cargo.

Hindi word for Job


Italian word for Job


Javanese word for Job


Korean word for Job


Malay word for Job


Portuguese words for Job

tarefa, dever, trabalho, posto, ofício, emprego, profissão, praça, trampo.

Romanian word for Job


Russian words for Job

рабочее место, место работы.

Spanish words for Job

oficio, puesto, tarea, cometido, deber, trabajo, obra, empleo, encargo, vaga.

Swedish word for Job