How To Spell jolly?

Correct spelling: jolly

What is the definition of jolly?

  1. (British) a happy party

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What are the usage examples for jolly?

  1. Well, I'll jolly well stay up with you. – The Ghost Pirates by William Hope Hodgson
  2. " In many ways, it's a jolly good old war, you know- for those that pull through. – The Rough Road by William John Locke
  3. How jolly of you to meet me! – The Rough Road by William John Locke

What are the rhymes for jolly?

  1. volley, molley, cali, rolley, hollie, collie, mali, kahley, dollie, colley, dali, ollie, dolly, dolley, holly, polly, rawly, lolly, ali, trolley, holley, polley, mollie, brolly, sollie, olley, bali, folly, molly, colly, gali, golly, smalley;
  2. vitali, vitaly, bialy, natale, somali, natali, bengali, kigali;
  3. mexicali;
  4. internationale;

What are the translations for jolly?

Arabic word for Jolly


Dutch words for Jolly

glad, vrolijk, prettig, plezierig, jolig, geinig.

French words for Jolly

joyeux, gai, jovial, rudement.

German words for Jolly

aufmuntern, sehr, prachtvoll, munter, lustig, ausgelassen, angeheitert, fidel, beschwipst.

Greek word for Jolly


Hindi word for Jolly


Italian words for Jolly

allegro, gaio, jolly.

Korean word for Jolly


Malay word for Jolly


Romanian word for Jolly


Spanish words for Jolly

agradable, contento, divertido, ameno, alegre, gracioso, animado, feliz, bromista, chistoso, vivaracho, festivo, vivaz.

Tamil word for Jolly