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How To Spell jubilee?

Correct spelling: jubilee

What are the common mistypes for jubilee ?

  • mubilee,
  • jubiulee,
  • jubilre,
  • juubilee,
  • ju8bilee,
  • kubilee,
  • kjubilee,
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  • juhilee.

What is the definition of jubilee?

  1. a special anniversary (or the celebration of it)


Jubilee as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Jubilee), .
  • Jubalee.

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This graph shows how "jubilee" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for jubilee?

  1. rb, c3, franchisee, lessee, mcgee, cd, kyi, thee, degree, goatee, tv, cc, tea, yi, ghee, chee, se, bbc, ab, ranee, whoopee, free, rupee, ve, de, decree, nie, sea, sightsee, three, bourgeoisie, ged, quay, mee, nominee, thierry, key, sie, sze, rea, we, dsv, gyi, rosalee, xie, gee, loree, zea, mc, fsi, she, eap, smee, dundee, andree, marie, bui, trustee, see, mt, marquis, vi, mpg, quai, debris, cat-3, referee, chablis, hee, ne, draftee, yie, yee, guarantee, pea, tse, mi, oversea, louie, bibi, pri, escapee, chea, waikiki, jessee, oad, glee, parolee, te, rosemarie, pree, lxi, mea, tree, the, he, fop, resignee, zee, sci, conferee, inductee, spree, ye, ot, t, nestle, shi, kea, wee, henri, retiree, ree, detainee, markee, nee, lea, cie, njt, crea, tennessee, ji, nghi, nabil, indri, leigh, ze, li, plea, dupree, tee, atp, devotee, b, m3, me, deportee, capri, ofc, v, kee, mme, ddt, lp, ib, tyree, jie, jaycee, thi, p, qui, dea, enlistee, syp, blea, lee, vee, pawnee, cxc, magee, tenn, be, cree, gutsy, apc, bee, lsd, ski, enrollee, nic, sheree, banshee, ip, si, cod, undersea, internee, sri, licensee, foresee, appointee, ravi, curie, qi, yippee, honoree, pattee, bea, dee, potpourri, klee, fi, brie, ee, repartee, disagree, musee, snee, slee, c, vendee, esprit, yangtze, flea, odp, fee, d, mcghee, id, bt, guarani, mit, knee, guaranty, prix, valoree, jee, shri, xi, emcee, re, flee, spie, ki, cyb, brea, marquee, designee, z, khe, trainee, je, g, sep, lavie, bree, cac, ti;
  2. albee, achee, abee, alee, adee, ac, agree;
  3. adoptee, amc, adoree, amputee, abt, absentee, addressee;
  4. lapd, knbc, geac, irit, interviewee, hnat;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for jubilee?

Arabic word for Jubilee


Bengali word for Jubilee


Chinese word for Jubilee

> 周年纪念.

Dutch word for Jubilee


French word for Jubilee


Greek word for Jubilee


Hindi word for Jubilee


Italian word for Jubilee


Japanese word for Jubilee


Korean word for Jubilee


Malay word for Jubilee


Marathi word for Jubilee


Polish word for Jubilee


Portuguese words for Jubilee

aniversário, jubileu.

Tamil word for Jubilee


Turkish word for Jubilee


Ukrainian word for Jubilee


Vietnamese word for Jubilee

lê kỷ niệm.