How To Spell jump?

Correct spelling: jump

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What is the definition of jump?

  1. Exactly.

What does the abbreviation jump mean?

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This graph shows how "jump" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for jump?

  1. At length he resolved to pull off his clothes and jump into the water and search for it.

What are the rhymes for jump?

  1. pump, clump, slump, lump, rump, frump, grump, sump, dump, trump, plump, stump, bump, kump, chump, crump, hump, thump, gump;

What are the translations for jump?

Afrikaans word for Jump


Arabic word for Jump


Bengali word for Jump


Chinese words for Jump

跳, 跳转, 跃, 跃过, 蹦, 弹跳, 蹦跳, 蹦高, 赸, 蹦跶, 趯, 躜.

Dutch word for Jump


French words for Jump

franchir, saut, sauter, sursaut, tremplin, sursauter, bondir, tressaillir, sautiller, faire un bond, montée en flèche.

German words for Jump

Anstieg, Satz, Sprung, Bond, springen, zusammenzucken, abspringen, Salto, Absprung, emporschnellen, sprunghafter Anstieg, plötzlicher Anstieg, Flugschanze, einen Sprung machen.

Greek word for Jump


Hindi word for Jump


Italian word for Jump


Japanese words for Jump

ジャンプ, 飛込み, 飛び込み, 急伸, 分岐, きゅうとう, とびこみ, 飛越し, 打っ飛ぶ, とびこし, ぶっとぶ, 跳る, 急騰, ぶっ飛ぶ, 躍る, じょうとう, ぶんき, ちょうやく, おどる, 跳びはねる.

Javanese word for Jump


Korean word for Jump


Malay word for Jump


Norwegian word for Jump


Polish word for Jump


Portuguese words for Jump

câmbio, pular, respingo.

Romanian word for Jump

a sări.

Spanish words for Jump

subir, aumento, saltar, subida, sobresaltarse, brincar, brinco, dar saltos, dar brincos.

Tamil word for Jump


Turkish words for Jump

hoppa, atlama.

Ukrainian word for Jump