How To Spell just?

Correct spelling: just

What is the definition of just?

  1. (intensifier) absolutely; "I just can't take it anymore"; "he was just grand as Romeo"; "it's simply beautiful!"

What does the abbreviation just mean?


just, upright, righteous
Just as a boy's name is a variant of Justin (Latin), and the meaning of Just is "just, upright, righteous".

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What are the translations for just?

Arabic word for Just


Bengali word for Just


Chinese words for Just

ZO, 只, 只是, 单单, 恰, 恰恰, 刚好, 光是, 硬是, 索性.

Dutch words for Just

maar, gewoon, precies, juist, rechtvaardig, slechts, enkel, zojuist, alleen, billijk, uitsluitend, meteen, onlangs, terecht, rechtmatig, verdiend, gerechtvaardigd, zonet.

French words for Just

juste, net, simplement, presque, absolument, seulement, à peine, pas, exactement, justes.

German words for Just

angemessen, Halt, gerade, gleich, eben, einfach, nur, allein, genau, einzig, fair, gerecht, legal, just, soeben, nun einmal, schlichtweg, vorhin, glattweg, solo.

Italian word for Just


Japanese words for Just

ただ, ほんの, 平らか, 切り, 平か, っ切り, っ限り, やっとこ, やっとこせ, かっきりに, かすかす, ちょっきり, すれすれ, 限, やっとこさ, かっきり.

Javanese words for Just

Bare, Mung.

Korean word for Just


Marathi word for Just


Polish words for Just

sprawiedliwy, tylko, prosty, prawy, zasłużony, właśnie, zaledwie, po prostu, zwyczajnie.

Portuguese words for Just

exatamente, só, somente, quase, simplesmente, mesmo, eqüitativa, eqüitativo, lícito, agora mesmo, por pouco.

Romanian word for Just


Russian words for Just

справедливый, объективный, только, просто, всего лишь, как раз, именно.

Spanish words for Just

realmente, justo, casi, equitativo, simplemente, solamente, justamente, apenas, recientemente, fundado, sencillamente, precisamente, merecido, tan solo.

Tamil word for Just


Turkish words for Just

Hanya, sadece.

Ukrainian word for Just


Vietnamese word for Just

mới vừa.