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How To Spell kept?

Correct spelling: kept

Definition of kept:

  1. of Keep

List of misspellings for kept:

  • kipp,
  • keped,
  • komt,
  • keft,
  • typt,
  • copurt,
  • kpet,
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  • kepted,
  • cept,
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This graph shows how "kept" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Translations for kept:

Afrikaans word for Kept


Arabic word for Kept


French words for Kept

retenu, gardé, resté.

German words for Kept

behalten, gewährt, gehalten, aufgehoben, aufbewahrt, abgehalten, reserviert, sich gehalten, aufgehalten, geblieben, ausgehalten, versorgt, zurückgehalten, genommen, freigehalten, fortgefahren, weitergemacht.

Greek word for Kept


Hindi word for Kept


Italian word for Kept


Japanese word for Kept


Javanese word for Kept


Malay word for Kept


Marathi word for Kept


Norwegian word for Kept


Polish word for Kept


Portuguese words for Kept

mantido, detidos, armazenados, armazenadas, cumprido, colocadas, criadas, guardada, guardadas, arquivados, armazenada, cumprida, respeitados.

Romanian word for Kept


Russian word for Kept


Spanish words for Kept

mantenido, criados, cumplido, retenido, guardado, almacenado, continuado, guardados, conservados, conservado, conservada, mantenidas, elaborados, alojados.

Swedish word for Kept


Turkish word for Kept


Ukrainian word for Kept