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How To Spell kernel?

Correct spelling: kernel

List of misspellings for kernel:

  • kennesl,
  • generl,
  • furnel,
  • gernral,
  • gerne,
  • journel,
  • keanly,
  • kartel,
  • keral,
  • kenels,
  • kenley,
  • genernal,
  • jornal,
  • jenral,
  • kennal,
  • perneal,
  • cernal,
  • genrel,
  • jenelle,
  • feurnal,
  • cardnel,
  • kernn,
  • cournel,
  • genle,
  • gerneal,
  • gernal,
  • genuely,
  • generly,
  • genreal,
  • kenell,
  • kerner,
  • gernelly,
  • feenel,
  • kennell,
  • kneeel,
  • jerney,
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  • kendel.

Related words for kernel

Alexian Kernel


Peruvian musician

Percy Alexander Meza Bravo, also known by his stage name Alexian Kernel, is a Peruvian electronic musician, film editor and visual artist.

cat /kernel/genunix > /dev/audio


Open Kernel Labs



Open Kernel Labs is a privately owned company that develops microkernel-based hypervisors and operating systems for embedded systems. The company was founded in 2006 by Steve Subar and Gernot Heiser as a spinout from NICTA. It is headquartered in Chicago, while research and development was located in Sydney, Australia. The company was acquired by General Dynamics in September 2012.

UserLand Software


Software company

UserLand Software is a US-based software company, founded in 1988, that sells web content management, as well as blogging software packages and services.

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Quotes for kernel:

  1. Faith is like a kernel of wheat.
  2. Americans do believe in progress and there is almost certainly a kernel of truth in the joke.
  3. Must is a hard nut to crack, but it has a sweet kernel.
  4. You want people walking away from the conversation with some kernel of wisdom or some kind of impact.
  5. There are lots of Linux users who don't care how the kernel works, but only want to use it. That is a tribute to how good Linux is.

Translations for kernel:

Arabic word for Kernel


Bengali word for Kernel


Chinese word for Kernel


Dutch words for Kernel

pit, korrel.

French words for Kernel

noyau, grain, graine, cerneau, amande, semé.

German words for Kernel

Wesen, Kern, Getreidekorn, Kernel, Betriebssystemkern, Samenkern.

Greek word for Kernel


Hindi word for Kernel


Italian words for Kernel

nocciolo, chicco, gheriglio.

Japanese words for Kernel

カーネル, 穀粒, こくりゅう.

Korean word for Kernel


Polish word for Kernel


Romanian word for Kernel


Spanish words for Kernel

fruto, grano, semilla, pepita, nuez, meollo, almendra, pepa.

Swedish word for Kernel


Ukrainian word for Kernel


Vietnamese word for Kernel

hạt nhân.