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How To Spell Keys?

Correct spelling: Keys

List of misspellings for Keys:

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What does the abbreviation Keys mean?


rejoice; happy, rejoice
Keys as a boy's name is a variant of Caius (Latin), Gaius (Latin) and Keyes (Old English), and the meaning of Keys is "rejoice; happy, rejoice".

Related words for Keys

Clement Keys


English soccer manager

Clement Keys was an English football secretary-manager, who performed that role at West Bromwich Albion from 1895 to 1896.

Cross Keys House


Cross Keys House is a historic plantation house located at Cross Keys, Union County, South Carolina. It was built about 1812-1814, and is a two-story, five bay, brick Georgian Colonial style dwelling.

Cross Keys, Covent Garden


Pub in London, England

The Cross Keys is a Grade II listed public house at 31 Endell Street, Covent Garden, London W1. It was built in 1848-49.

Hednesford Town F.C.


Soccer club

Hednesford Town Football Club is a football club based in Hednesford, Staffordshire, England. They are currently members of the Northern Premier League Premier Division and play at Keys Park.

The Dark Keys


Album by Branford Marsalis

The Dark Keys is a jazz trio album by the Branford Marsalis Trio, featuring Branford Marsalis, Reginald Veal, and Jeff "Tain" Watts, with guest appearances from Kenny Garrett and Joe Lovano.

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Rhymes for Keys:

  1. leas, sies, ease, freeze, pease, seize, frieze, vees, keas, crees, feese, frees, skis, kees, preis, please, gies, deas, sleaze, sneeze, tease, reis, flees, hees, friese, seas, wheeze, pleas, peas, glees, fleas, bees, threes, saez, meis, deis, sees, neis, teas, squeeze, nees, keyes, beas, neas, tees, liese, reas, these, cheese, mees, lees, cees, jeez, fees, mease, dees, rees, z's, geez, trees, bes, she's, knees, breese, neese, breeze, sprees;
  2. cds, disease, reprise, ortiz, unease, burmese, foresees, andries, trainees, aziz, trustees, chemise, displease, scorsese, maltese, cadiz, pawnees, appease, jaycees, agrees, draftees, lessees, belize, decrees, chinese, rupees, louise, degrees, trapeze;
  3. journalese, retirees, inductees, siamese, timorese, licensees, designees, overseas, internees, balinese, javanese, amputees, sudanese, annamese, guarantees, devotees, conferees, appointees, escapees, absentees, ccs, nominees, franchisees, expertise, guaranties, detainees, japanese, enrollees, taiwanese, honorees, enlistees, nepalese, referees, cantonese, sinhalese, disagrees, returnees;
  4. interviewees, indochinese, stds, abts;

Translations for Keys:

Arabic word for Keys


Bengali word for Keys


Chinese word for Keys


Dutch words for Keys

toetsen, sleutels.

French word for Keys


German words for Keys

klappen, tasten, Tastatur, Klaviatur, Tonarten, Legenden, Korallenriffe, Zeichenerklärungen.

Hindi word for Keys


Italian word for Keys


Javanese word for Keys


Malay word for Keys


Marathi word for Keys


Polish word for Keys


Portuguese word for Keys


Romanian word for Keys


Russian word for Keys


Spanish words for Keys

llaves, claves, teclas, interruptores, botones, cayos.

Swedish word for Keys


Tamil word for Keys


Turkish word for Keys


Ukrainian word for Keys