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How To Spell kick?

Correct spelling: kick

Definition of kick:

  1. the swift release of a store of affective force; "they got a great bang out of it"; "what a rush!"; "he does it for kicks"

List of misspellings for kick:

  • yick,
  • wjich,
  • kickapp,
  • ouick,
  • vick,
  • kihei,
  • pickick,
  • whicg,
  • gieco,
  • kilik,
  • skock,
  • magick,
  • kacie,
  • kiba,
  • dick,
  • kickd,
  • klick,
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  • sick,
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  • 1pick,
  • cquck,
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  • kackie,
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What does the abbreviation kick mean?

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Akira Maeda


Japanese mixed martial artist

Akira Maeda is a Japanese promoter and retired mixed martial artist and professional wrestler of Korean descent. Maeda was also known by the ring name Kwik-kik-Lee during his time on the British wrestling show World of Sport.

Garryowen Football Club


Garryowen Football Club, usually referred to as Garryowen, is a rugby union club from Limerick, Ireland. It plays in Division 1A of the All-Ireland League and historically has been one of the most successful clubs in Irish rugby union.

Kick Kelly


American umpire

John O. "Kick" Kelly, also nicknamed "Honest John" and "Diamond John," was an American catcher, manager and umpire in Major League Baseball who went on to become a boxing referee and to run gambling houses in his native New York City.



Town in Australia

Mirrool is a town in the northern part of the Riverina region of south-west New South Wales, Australia. The town is in the Bland Shire local government area and adjacent to the Newell Highway, 473 kilometres south west of the state capital, Sydney.

New York Kick


Soccer team

The New York Kick was a professional indoor soccer team based in Albany, New York playing at the Knickerbocker Arena and competed in the National Professional Soccer League. The team was previously known as the Indiana Kick in 1989–90.

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Quotes for kick:

  1. This is my homeland no one can kick me out.
  2. In order to acquire a growing and lasting respect in society, it is a good thing, if you possess great talent, to give, early in your youth, a very hard kick to the right shin of the society that you love. After that, be a snob.
  3. I can look back at stuff I wrote in my early days and squirm at some of the mistakes I made. But we're all learning every day; we never stop. I just hope people keep on liking what I do. That gives me such a kick.
  4. Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a good carpenter to build one.
  5. You get a different kick out of all aspects of filmmaking.

Rhymes for kick:

  1. knick, click, nic, hick, mick, glick, shtick, thick, dyk, flick, quick, trick, brick, crick, rick, mc, nik, wick, wyk, vik, shick, klick, tick, strick, sic, schtick, nick, tic, vick, frick, slick, stick, schick, wik, dic, sick, dick, ric, bric, bic, chick, wicke, quik, pik, cwik, vic, lick, pic, pick, mic;
  2. nonstick, handpick;
  3. realpolitik;

Translations for kick:

Arabic word for Kick


Bengali word for Kick


Chinese words for Kick

踢, 脚踢, 踢球, 射门, 踹, 水龙头, 蹬脚, 飞腿.

Dutch words for Kick

schop, kracht, kop, trappen, terugslag hebben, terugslag.

French words for Kick

chute, placer, entrain, recul, coup de pied, lance, ruade, allant.

German words for Kick

ausschlagen, Energie, strampeln, treten, Schuss, Kick, Tritt, kicken, Coup, Kitzel, Fimmel, Nervenkitzel, Fußtritt, Hufschlag, auf eintreten, einen Tritt verpassen, einen Fußtritt geben, einen Tritt geben, einen Fußtritt verpassen, hintreten, Schoppen.

Greek word for Kick


Hindi word for Kick


Italian words for Kick

calcio, spinta, calcione.

Japanese word for Kick


Javanese word for Kick


Korean word for Kick


Malay word for Kick


Marathi word for Kick

लाथ मारा.

Polish words for Kick

trap, kopnięcie, kopniak.

Portuguese words for Kick

chutar, pontapear, pontapé, coice, estimulação.

Romanian word for Kick

lovitură cu piciorul.

Russian words for Kick

пинать, ударять ногой, пинок, иметь отдачу, лягать.

Spanish words for Kick

fuerza, saque, gusto, tiro, patada, culatazo, puntapié.

Swedish word for Kick


Turkish word for Kick


Vietnamese word for Kick

cú đá.