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How To Spell kid?

Correct spelling: kid

List of misspellings for kid:

  • gaied,
  • fid,
  • ddid,
  • makit,
  • kiced,
  • kidin,
  • gaide,
  • kiehi,
  • kkind,
  • kight,
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What does the abbreviation kid mean?


Kid as a boy's name.

Related words for kid



Dutch DJ

Danny Masseling, better known by his stage name Angerfist, is a Dutch hardcore producer and DJ. Aside from his main alias, he also produces for other genres and subgenres under various aliases and is part of the following groups: The Supreme Team, Masters Elite and Roland & Sherman.

Glamma Kid


Iyael Lyases Tafari Constable, better known as Glamma Kid is a toaster and former Royal Air Force trainee of part-Jamaican descent. He had two top 10 hits in 1999.

Kid Sensation


American rapper

Stephen Spence, best known by his stage name Kid Sensation, is an American rapper. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Spence made his debut as a guest rapper featured on Sir Mix-A-Lot's album Swass, where he appeared on the tracks "Rippin'" and "Square Dance Rap"

The Kid Mero


American writer

Joel Martinez, professionally known as The Kid Mero, is a Dominican-American writer, comedian, TV personality, voice actor, YouTube personality, music blogger and Twitter personality.

The Philly Kid


2012 film

Philly Kid is a 2012 American dramatic action film directed by Jason Connery, produced by After Dark Films, written by Adam Mervis.

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This graph shows how "kid" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for kid:

  1. I'm hoping someday that some kid, black or white, will hit more home runs than myself. Whoever it is, I'd be pulling for him.
  2. I was a total education geek. I loved school. I loved learning. I loved doing homework. All of my books and notebooks from high school are underlined and highlighted and there are notes all over the margins. And you know, I was a theater kid too. I was all over the place.
  3. I was the kind of kid that had some talents or ability, but it never came out in school.
  4. My kid could get a bad X -ray and I could get a call from the doctor saying I have something growing in my bum and that would change my perspective on everything instantaneously, on what is and what is not important.
  5. I've always been a good kid.

Rhymes for kid:

  1. quid, grid, rid, skid, kidde, sid, kyd, stidd, cid, cyd, lid, bid, slid, mid, squid, hid, smid, id, syd, did, kidd;
  2. amid, majid, adid, forbid, madrid, undid, redid;
  3. counterbid;

Translations for kid:

Arabic word for Kid


Bengali word for Kid


Dutch word for Kid


French words for Kid

petit, enfant, jeune, taquiner, charrier, blaguer, plaisanter, chevreau, gamin, môme, gamine.

German words for Kid

Gosse, Kind, scherzen, veralbern, Kid, Jux machen, zickeln, veräppeln, Junge werfen, Zicklein zur Welt bringen, juxen, auf den Arm nehmen, Zicklein, Ziegenleder, Kitz, Geißlein, Gör, Ziegenlamm, junge Ziege.

Italian word for Kid


Javanese word for Kid


Marathi word for Kid

लहान मूल.

Polish word for Kid


Romanian words for Kid

unge, puști.

Russian words for Kid

младший, лайковый.

Spanish words for Kid

bromear, chico, chaval, pibe.