How To Spell kind?

Correct spelling: kind

What is the definition of kind?

  1. To beget.

What does the abbreviation kind mean?

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What are the translations for kind?

Arabic word for Kind


Dutch words for Kind

soort, lief, aard, vriendelijk, aardig, karakter, wezen, hartelijk, welwillend.

French words for Kind

forme, doux, classe, gentil, style, aimable, favorable, bienveillant, chaleureux, affable, cordial, courtois.

German words for Kind

Schlag, Beschaffenheit, Bon, Art, Sorte, freundlich, nett, lieb, liebenswürdig, gütig, entgegenkommend, Weise, herzlich, Typ, Gattung, Klasse, Type, Genre.

Hindi word for Kind


Italian word for Kind


Japanese words for Kind

心優しい, 懇, 懇ろ, 優しげ, こころやさしい, いっしゅ, 懇篤, 懇懇, こんとく, 懇々, 親身, ねんごろ, しゅ, あつい, しんみ, くさ, 篤い, ひとくさ, るい.

Javanese words for Kind

apik, Jenis.

Norwegian word for Kind


Polish words for Kind

gatunek, rodzaj, uprzejmy, kategoria.

Portuguese words for Kind

complacente, boa, espécie, amável, bondoso, caloroso, doce, simpático, atencioso, carinhosa, meigo, modalidade, qualidade, gentis, amáveis, simpáticas, dócil, carinhosos, afável, benévola, cortês, benévolo, afetuoso.

Romanian word for Kind


Russian words for Kind

вид, род, сорт, добрый, любезный.

Spanish words for Kind

tipo, estilo, afable, bueno, forma, clase, amable, agradable, suerte, naturaleza, bondadoso, amigo, manso, generoso, benigno.

Swedish word for Kind


Turkish word for Kind


Ukrainian word for Kind