How To Spell kindness?

Correct spelling: kindness

What is the definition of kindness?

  1. a kind act

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What are the rhymes for kindness?

  1. blindness;

What are the translations for kindness?

Afrikaans word for Kindness


Arabic word for Kindness


Chinese words for Kindness

善良, 恩慈, 好心, 好意.

Dutch words for Kindness

zachtmoedigheid, mildheid, vriendelijkheid, goedheid, welwillendheid, aardigheid, vriendelijke daad, hartelijkheid.

French words for Kindness

bienveillance, bonté, gentillesse, tendresse, compassion, amabilité.

German words for Kindness

entgegenkommen, Sympathie, Gefallen, Gunst, Wohlwollen, Freundlichkeit, Gutherzigkeit, Nettigkeit, Herzlichkeit.

Hindi word for Kindness


Japanese words for Kindness

親切, 親切心, 懇切, 厚意, 寛厚, こころづくし, こころずくし, にんじょうみ, しんせつしん, 心尽し, こんせつ, 御志, しんせつ, お志, おこころざし, 深切, 人情味, 心尽くし.

Javanese word for Kindness


Malay word for Kindness


Marathi word for Kindness


Norwegian word for Kindness


Portuguese words for Kindness

bondade, caridade, cordialidade, carinho, amabilidade, generosidade, doçura, benignidade, beneficência.

Russian words for Kindness

доброта, доброжелательность, сердечность, одолжение.

Spanish words for Kindness

bondad, amabilidad, delicadeza, ternura, cortesía, favor, misericordia, benevolencia, gentileza, generosidad, afabilidad, simpatía.

Turkish word for Kindness


Vietnamese word for Kindness

sự tử tế.