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Spell Check of kiss

Correct spelling: kiss


Common misspellings for kiss:

kisss, kizz, kisse, snog, kidss, kriss, kisess, kises, kis, kiess, kiss, kist.

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This graph shows how "kiss" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for kiss:

  1. " This is the good- by kiss. "The Devil's Garden" , W. B. Maxwell.
  2. Kiss me like you did yesterday." "The Devil's Garden" , W. B. Maxwell.
  3. No, I can not kiss you. "The Devil's Garden" , W. B. Maxwell.

Quotes for kiss:

  1. I do not know how to kiss, or I would kiss you. Where do the noses go? - Ingrid Bergman
  2. It is the passion that is in a kiss that gives to it its sweetness; it is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it. - Christian Nestell Bovee
  3. I think the fact that I'm so well known to be gay makes it very difficult to have a convincing relationship with a woman on screen. It wouldn't be at all difficult for me to kiss a woman- I'll kiss a frog if you like. - Stephen Fry
  4. A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil. - Victor Hugo
  5. Publication is to thinking as childbirth is to the first kiss. - Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Rhymes for kiss:

  1. abyss, amiss, assists, consists, dismiss, enlists, exists.
  2. bis, biss, bliss, chris, chriss, cris, cysts, dis, diss, fis, fiss, flis, gillis, gris, hiss, insists, kis, kris, kriss, lis, liss, lists, miss, persists, pris, remiss, resists, riss, risse, rys, sis, stys, suisse, swiss, this, vis, wis, wiss.
  3. reminisce.

Idioms for kiss:

  1. the kiss of life
  2. kiss off sb/ sth
  3. kiss/ lick sb's arse
  4. kiss sm off
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