How To Spell Kissed?

Correct spelling: Kissed

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This graph shows how "Kissed" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for Kissed?

  1. Probably she meant he might have kissed her before. – Somehow Good by William de Morgan
  2. But he went and kissed her for all that. – Somehow Good by William de Morgan
  3. Willy kissed him, also. – Two Little Confederates by Thomas Nelson Page

What are the rhymes for Kissed?

  1. liszt, nist, wist, cist, list, kist, missed, resist, fist, subsist, frist, krist, wrist, twist, rist, schist, persist, midst, hissed, quist, grist, gist, cyst, mist;
  2. desist, exist, assist, baptiste, enlist, insist, delist, consist, dismissed;
  3. preexist, coexist, reminisced;