How To Spell klein?

Correct spelling: klein


Klein as a boy's name is of German origin, and the meaning of Klein is "small".
  • Kleiner,
  • kline,
  • Kleinert.

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What are the usage examples for klein?

  1. Only at Klein Zillebeke, on the northern flank of our battle- line, did they gain a temporary footing, and many of them lie dead there after the fierce fighting which is still in progress. – From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917 by Philip Gibbs

What are the rhymes for klein?

  1. kline, twine, tine, mine, shrine, vine, cline, stein, thein, strine, stine, rhein, gyn, whine, sine, hein, rhine, trine, swine, quine, nine, sign, thine, line, dine, pyne, shine, hine, spline, heine, huynh, rine, spine, pine, dyne, jain, zine, fine, fein, tyne, lyne, brine, ein, wine;
  2. decline, opine, malign, incline, assign, align, consign, design, confine, supine, enshrine, define, benign, refine, divine, devine, resign, combine, aline, entwine, repine;
  3. disincline, redesign, recombine, intertwine, redefine, realign, leontine, reassign;

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