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How To Spell knee?

Correct spelling: knee

Definition of knee:

  1. joint between the femur and tibia in a quadruped; corresponds to the human knee

List of misspellings for knee:

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  • nefue,
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Related words for knee

Derek Knee


Derek Knee was a British Army intelligence officer during World War II who was the interpreter and translator for Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery, commander of the Anglo-Canadian 21st Army Group, at the German surrender at Lüneburg Heath in Germany on 3 May 1945.

Gina Knee Brook


American artist

Gina Knee Brook, nee Gina Schnauffer and better known as Gina Knee, was a twentieth century American artist who lived and worked in New Mexico, the American South and Long Island, New York.

Grammostola pulchripes



One of the larger species of tarantula, the Chaco golden knee, formerly known by Grammostola aureostriata, can be expected to reach between 20–22 cm.

Knee Lake Airport


Airport in Manitoba, Canada

Knee Lake Airport, is located 1 nautical mile north of Knee Lake, Manitoba, Canada.

Knee Weakener


Knee Weakener is a summit on the west side of Salt Lake County, Utah, United States. The summit has an elevation of 6,860 feet NGVD 29.

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Rhymes for knee:

  1. jie, debris, louie, mea, sie, b, ravi, potpourri, escapee, bbc, prix, gyi, mpg, slee, ki, esprit, te, magee, internee, nestle, si, lxi, chablis, fop, re, vi, lp, zee, syp, fee, disagree, licensee, lea, ddt, marquee, plea, jessee, bt, enrollee, glee, oad, je, ot, yie, flee, ged, key, tea, dupree, foresee, indri, jubilee, nee, mi, d, sci, flea, sep, ne, markee, ghee, the, mt, repartee, mee, ab, bee, jee, spree, degree, honoree, henri, guarani, cree, sightsee, goatee, bibi, devotee, loree, waikiki, ib, p, thierry, sri, yippee, t, dundee, mc, ji, qi, rb, me, vee, atp, dee, free, tv, resignee, ze, guarantee, musee, sheree, eap, cac, he, nominee, pree, undersea, fi, tenn, ree, fsi, andree, chee, v, ofc, bui, ski, jaycee, bea, franchisee, shi, she, marquis, cd, tse, spie, xi, m3, cc, xie, njt, nie, trustee, crea, oversea, nabil, three, klee, pri, ranee, brie, cat-3, snee, tennessee, cod, designee, tyree, tree, kee, marie, hee, mme, guaranty, thee, lsd, mcgee, rea, c3, cie, lee, mit, sze, bourgeoisie, rosalee, gee, quay, id, quai, dsv, kyi, whoopee, dea, referee, ti, gutsy, valoree, banshee, smee, vendee, de, nic, z, mcghee, brea, trainee, g, conferee, ye, pawnee, odp, cxc, thi, rupee, rosemarie, yee, tee, khe, nghi, curie, se, see, yi, wee, lavie, ip, appointee, bree, ve, leigh, deportee, sea, inductee, blea, be, we, emcee, chea, pattee, capri, ee, pea, shri, draftee, c, enlistee, parolee, detainee, cyb, li, apc, zea, kea, decree, qui, retiree, lessee, yangtze;
  2. alee, agree, adee, achee, abee, ac, albee;
  3. amputee, addressee, abt, amc, adoree, absentee, adoptee;
  4. lapd, geac, interviewee, knbc, irit, hnat;
  5. awb;

Translations for knee:

Arabic word for Knee


Chinese word for Knee


French word for Knee


German words for Knee

Knie, Kniestück.

Greek word for Knee


Hindi word for Knee


Italian word for Knee


Javanese word for Knee


Malay word for Knee


Norwegian word for Knee


Polish word for Knee


Portuguese word for Knee


Romanian word for Knee


Russian word for Knee


Spanish word for Knee


Tamil word for Knee


Turkish word for Knee


Ukrainian word for Knee


Vietnamese word for Knee

đầu gối.