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Spell Check of knees

Correct spelling: knees


Common misspellings for knees:

kneees, kneeds, kees, nedds, knies, knnes, nees, knecks, kneews, neas, kneese, kness, knews, kneew.

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Examples of usage for knees:

  1. The woman from downstairs went on her knees and took her head in her arms. "Liza of Lambeth" , W. Somerset Maugham.
  2. The knees, therefore, advance with the neck and head, but the feet remain bent back. "Special Report on Diseases of Cattle" , U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler.
  3. Dale had settled the girl on his knees so that she sat now without any support from him. "The Devil's Garden" , W. B. Maxwell.

Quotes for knees:

  1. They all in general had putrid gums, the spots and lassitude, with weakness of their knees. - James Lind
  2. I need to get up and walk around and keep my knees from getting bad, which is what's happening. - Marian McPartland
  3. If I stayed a football player, my career would have been over 20 years ago. As it is, my knees are shot. I found I got the same good feeling in acting that I had in sports, but I found I could have a more profound impact on people. - William Petersen
  4. He put a ring in the toe of a stocking. On Christmas Eve, we opened our stockings and it was there at the bottom of the toe. Then he got down on his knees and he was shaking. - Kyra Sedgwick
  5. If we pulled out of Iraq tomorrow, Islamic jihadism is on the rise. And they continue, as we see in Lebanon, to seek to destroy the State of Israel and seek to drive America back and bring us to our knees. We must stand tall and straight. - Zach Wamp

Rhymes for knees:

  1. absentees, amputees, annamese, appointees, balinese, cantonese, ccs, conferees, designees, detainees, devotees, disagrees, enlistees, enrollees, escapees, expertise, franchisees, guarantees, guaranties, honorees, inductees, internees, japanese, javanese, journalese, licensees, nepalese, nominees, overseas, referees, retirees, returnees, siamese, sinhalese, sudanese, taiwanese, timorese.
  2. abts, indochinese, interviewees, stds.
  3. agrees, andries, appease, aziz, belize, burmese, cadiz, cds, chemise, chinese, decrees, degrees, disease, displease, draftees, foresees, jaycees, lessees, louise, maltese, ortiz, pawnees, reprise, rupees, scorsese, trainees, trapeze, trustees, unease.
  4. beas, bees, bes, breese, breeze, cees, cheese, crees, deas, dees, deis, ease, fees, feese, fleas, flees, frees, freeze, friese, frieze, geez, gies, glees, hees, jeez, keas, kees, keyes, keys, leas, lees, liese, mease, mees, meis, neas, nees, neese, neis, peas, pease, pleas, please, preis, reas, rees, reis, saez, seas, sees, seize, she's, sies, skis, sleaze, sneeze, sprees, squeeze, teas, tease, tees, these, threes, trees, vees, wheeze, z's.

Idioms for knees:

  1. be the bee's knees
  2. bring sb/ sth to their knees
  3. bring to knees
  4. bring you/ sth to your/ its knees
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