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What are the rhymes for know?

  1. boe, goe, fro, chateau, glow, zoh, bordeaux, plateau, poe, jo, doe, chau, bestow, escoe, rowe, aux, ho, noe, rouleau, monroe, loewe, rho, kowtow, woe, ow, ngo, kayo, cloe, low, doh, renaud, though, yoh, joh, quo, crow, inco, row, hello, blow, mau, perot, coe, giraud, oh, forego, lo, thoreau, bro, roe, nau, flow, nouveau, uno, pro, owe, snow, koh, devaux, gogh, tallyho, dau, yo, vo, hoe, strow, roh, gro, mo, so-so, ko, truffaut, tableaux, loh, loew, so, peugeot, thibault, gloe, sow, bow, beaux, cho, cabo, throw, hoh, sgro, glo, whoa, undergo, joe, grow, floe, plough, slow, lowe, turbot, sew, yau, tableau, tso, mow, loe, cousteau, toe, trow, dough, tyo, wo, tarot, marceau, cro, bio, noh, tho, show, eau, defoe, margaux, foe, beau, rondeau, stowe, bo, goh, moe, rideau, tow, munro, au, co, papo, kyo, bowe, flo, chateaux, gau, sloe, escrow, yoe, outgrow, go, luo, o', forgo, below, stow, ro, poh;
  2. although, arnaud, ago, arnault, miro, pernod, aglow, renault;
  3. ivo, overflow, eeo, taekwondo, imo, apropos;
  4. celo;

What are the translations for know?

Afrikaans word for Know


Arabic word for Know


Chinese words for Know

知, 知道, 识, 认, 悉, 得知, 知悉, 认得, 晓得, 知晓, 识得.

Dutch words for Know

inzien, begrijpen, beseffen, weten, zich bewust zijn.

French words for Know

savoir, vite, connaître, être au fait de, know.

German words for Know

verstehen, Wissen, kennen, Bescheid wissen, mit vertraut sein.

Greek word for Know


Italian word for Know


Japanese words for Know

知る, 知ろし召す, 知ろし食す, しろしめす, 知ろしめす.

Javanese word for Know


Korean word for Know


Malay word for Know


Polish word for Know


Portuguese words for Know

reconhecer, conhecer, compreender, estar informado.

Romanian word for Know

a ști.

Russian words for Know

знать, быть в курсе, разбираться в, иметь представление, быть знакомым с.

Spanish words for Know

conocer, entender, saber, aprender, veta, tener claro.

Turkish word for Know


Ukrainian word for Know