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Correct spelling: label

Definition of label:

  1. A narrow slip of paper, parchment, & c., affixed to anything, denoting its contents, destination, & c., or to attach a seal to; a paper anuexed to a will as a codicil; a fillet, with pendants or points, added to the family arms by an eldest or only son while his father is still living; a long, thin brass rule, with a small sight at one end and a centre- hole at the other, commonly used to take attitudes, & c.; the drip- stone, a projecting moulding over doorways, windows, & c.
  2. To affix a label to.

Common misspellings for label:

abel, lable, lebal, labled.


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Rhymes for label:

  1. stable, sable, mable, kable, stabile, hable, table, mabel;
  2. cable, abell, fable, gable, able, abel;
  3. unstable, disable, unable, mislabel, enable;