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How To Spell label?

Correct spelling: label

List of misspellings for label:

  • latel,
  • tabel,
  • lebl,
  • abbel,
  • lawerly,
  • liabitly,
  • abel,
  • gloabl,
  • liberla,
  • loabe,
  • vable,
  • glabal,
  • laabels,
  • libal,
  • liabiliy,
  • taberly,
  • aable,
  • lagal,
  • lateely,
  • laocl,
  • leabel,
  • sylabel,
  • sylabil,
  • laboral,
  • laber,
  • lables,
  • kettlebell,
  • labert,
  • lecel,
  • gloabal,
  • lowball,
  • lible,
  • lagely,
  • liabale,
  • leagel,
  • blobal,
  • labeles,
  • labatt,
  • alble,
  • viabel,
  • largeyl,
  • lliable,
  • lightbolb,
  • layely,
  • abeal,
  • leavel,
  • labeld,
  • labot,
  • liveabel,
  • gloable,
  • lebvel,
  • lkely,
  • ailable,
  • sylabol,
  • lightbulp,
  • largel,
  • vabal,
  • valuabul,
  • talbel,
  • lael,
  • labl,
  • lberal,
  • hable,
  • tillabel,
  • abell,
  • lieable,
  • lapell,
  • legel,
  • eable,
  • pluible,
  • beabel,
  • lebels,
  • labele,
  • lvel,
  • golbel,
  • labbels,
  • gulable,
  • vluable,
  • cabel,
  • globel,
  • lasley,
  • liabel,
  • uable,
  • tilable,
  • lavel,
  • laruel,
  • latley,
  • blabble,
  • laible,
  • syllabel,
  • lovabul,
  • larel,
  • librelly,
  • talble,
  • elible,
  • llabel,
  • labled,
  • glbal,
  • lubmee,
  • labeller.

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Black Label


Extended play by FIESTAR

Black Label is the first extended play by South Korean girl group Fiestar. The album was released digitally and physically on March 4, 2015. The album contains six tracks with the lead single, "You're Pitiful".



Record label

Diskos was a Yugoslav record label, founded in 1962.

Fontana Records


Record label

Fontana Records is a record label which was started in the 1950s as a subsidiary of the Dutch Philips Records. The independent label distributor Fontana Distribution takes its name from the label.

Intrada Records


Record company

Intrada Records is an American record company based in Oakland, California, owned and managed by Douglass Fake and Roger Feigelson. The company specializes in movie and television soundtracks, particularly those by the late Jerry Goldsmith. Intrada is a label producing movie and television soundtracks on CD since 1985.

Okeh Records


Record label

Okeh Records is an American record label founded by the Otto Heinemann Phonograph Corporation, a phonograph supplier established in 1916, which branched out into phonograph records in 1918.

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Rhymes for label:

  1. stable, sable, mable, kable, stabile, hable, table, mabel;
  2. cable, abell, fable, gable, able, abel;
  3. unstable, disable, unable, mislabel, enable;

Translations for label:

Arabic word for Label


Bengali word for Label


Chinese word for Label


Dutch words for Label

merk, etiket, benaming, aanduiding.

French words for Label

classer, étiquette, marque, maison de disques, étiqueter, marquer, caractériser, cataloguer, terme, catégoriser, qualifier, marqueur.

German words for Label

bezeichnen, kennzeichnen, auszeichnen, markieren, beschriften, benennen, Schild, Etikett, etikettieren, Label, Marke, Aufkleber, Bezeichnung, Zeichen, Kennzeichnung, Etikette, Kennzeichen, Markierung, Schildchen, beschildern, Aufschrift, Klebeetikett, Plattenfirma, Typenschild, Beschriftung, Kennsatz, Kennung, mit einem Schild versehen, bezetteln, Vignette.

Greek word for Label


Hindi word for Label


Italian words for Label

etichetta, denominazione, targhetta, contrassegno.

Japanese words for Label

レッテル, はり紙, 籤, はりがみ, ふだをつける, なふだ, 銘打つ, めいうつ, 張り紙, 貼紙, ふだ, 札を付ける, 貼り紙, 名札, 箋, 張紙, ラベル.

Korean word for Label


Marathi word for Label


Polish words for Label

etykieta, marka, oznakowanie, etykietka, naklejka, tabliczka.

Portuguese words for Label

classificar, rótulo, gravadora, selo, denominação, rotulagem, identificação, autocolante, dístico, qualificar.

Russian words for Label

этикетка, ярлык, бирка, табличка, наклейка, лейбл.

Spanish words for Label

calificar, marcar, etiqueta, marca, discográfica, etiquetar, sello, placa, marcador, catalogar, identificar, tachar, rotular, rótulo.

Tamil word for Label


Ukrainian word for Label


Vietnamese word for Label

nhãn mác.