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How To Spell labour?

Correct spelling: labour

List of misspellings for labour:

  • belabour,
  • laboir,
  • nehbour,
  • lbor,
  • labotr,
  • loobie,
  • lavor,
  • nabor,
  • oabour,
  • lazor,
  • layor,
  • abour,
  • lobour,
  • laobr,
  • lacquor,
  • lebow,
  • abouy,
  • laboe,
  • l'amaour,
  • laybor,
  • lator,
  • aboue,
  • lador,
  • nabour,
  • liabiary,
  • narbourgh,
  • laabor,
  • layborer,
  • laboure,
  • nahbor,
  • labour's,
  • sabor,
  • abou,
  • niebour,
  • lzbour,
  • nabiour,
  • labror,
  • laberor,
  • liguor,
  • laquor,
  • laborty,
  • lawyor,
  • vabor,
  • laborday,
  • lsbour,
  • lavbour,
  • labour,
  • calibour,
  • arbour,
  • fabour,
  • labout,
  • labot,
  • lauborer,
  • laber,
  • laboror,
  • loabor,
  • labador,
  • laborwhich,
  • lanbour,
  • polarbear,
  • larbor,
  • licour,
  • neibour,
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  • lumbour,
  • labore,
  • sabour,
  • lanour,
  • labours,
  • liqour,
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  • neabough,
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  • labourer,
  • marlbourgh,
  • lobor,
  • liabary,
  • gabor,
  • pabour,
  • libuary,
  • laborour,
  • liqiour,
  • lablor,
  • fabor,
  • laberour,
  • habour,
  • libaury,
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  • labordor,
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  • layour,
  • albor.

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Lake in British Columbia, Canada

Labour Day Lake is a lake located on Vancouver Island at the head of the Cameron River

Labour Square


Labour Square or 1-5 Square is a town square located in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, Vietnam. The square is formed by the intersection between Quan Su and Tran Hung Dao streets and the front ground of the Ha Noi Friendship Cultural Palace.

Norwegian Labour Movement Archives and Library


Library in Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian Labour Movement Archives and Library is an archival and historical institution in Oslo, Norway, opened in 1909. It was established and is still owned by the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions and the Labour Party.

Scottish Labour Party leadership election, 2008


The 2008 Scottish Labour Party leadership election was an internal party election to choose a new leader of the Labour Party in the Scottish Parliament, and was triggered following the resignation of Wendy Alexander following a row over donations to her own leadership campaign in 2007.

Trustee of Labour


Trustees of Labour were government-appointed officials in Nazi Germany in charge of labour relations supervised by the Reich Ministry of Labour.

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Rhymes for labour:

  1. saber, faber, naber, aber, haber, neighbor, sabre, fabre, taber, labor, tabor;
  2. belabor;

Translations for labour:

Afrikaans word for Labour


Arabic word for Labour


Dutch word for Labour


French words for Labour

accouchement, travail, labeur.

German words for Labour

Arbeit, Wehen, arbeiten, Werk, Geburtswehen, Arbeitskraft, sich mühsam bewegen, Labor.

Greek word for Labour


Italian word for Labour


Japanese word for Labour


Javanese word for Labour


Malay word for Labour


Polish words for Labour

trud, robocizna.

Portuguese words for Labour

tarefa, trabalho, trabalhar, emprego, praça, tarefas, sindical, trabalhadores, laborais, labutar, operário.

Romanian word for Labour

muncă fizică.

Spanish words for Labour

parto, trabajo, laboral, trabajar, empleo, trabajadores.

Swedish word for Labour


Turkish word for Labour


Ukrainian word for Labour


Vietnamese word for Labour

lao động.