How To Spell Laine?

Correct spelling: Laine


path, roadway
Laine as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Laine), is a variant of Lane (Middle English), and the meaning of Laine is "path, roadway".

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What are the usage examples for Laine?

  1. " The corpse of John Matthews, of Fawler," it is stated, " was stopt on the churchway for debt, August 27, 1689. And having laine there fower days, was, by Justices' warrant, buryied in the place to prevent annoyances- but about sixe weeks after, by an Order of Sessions, taken up and buried in the churchyard by the wife of the deceased." – England in the Days of Old by William Andrews
  2. Mr. De Laine the head of the house, being a little more cautious, consulted the Commercial Agency and found them set down as " reliable- rather extravagant in living, indulge a little in horse racing, but generally attentive to business," and concluded that it was " all right." – The History of Peru by Henry S. Beebe
  3. Theise are to certifie all the Queenes Majesties officers and lovinge subjects, to whom theise presents shall come, that the bearer, Alice Stynton, the wief of John Stynton, of the towne of Leycester, pettye chapman, dothe dwell and inhabyte in the parish of St. Nicholas, in the said town, in a streete called the Sore Laine neyre unto the West Brigge. – Old Church Lore by William Andrews

What are the rhymes for Laine?

  1. domain, bane, swaine, fontaine, sane, blane, restrain, constrain, duquesne, contain, jermaine, germane, romaine, maclean, spokane, raine, pertain, butane, mane, lain, humane, strain, aine, mcclain, stain, bayne, charmain, thane, rogaine, bain, hane, duane, jain, gain, chain, arraign, romain, ukraine, reine, zane, shayne, kane, lorain, arcane, complain, charmaine, germain, thaine, blaine, frane, maintain, sain, swain, fain, remain, mundane, sustain, elayne, reign, iain, kaine, shane, cocaine, terrain, urbain, caine, bahrain, mayne, regain, frayn, blain, dane, laraine, kayne, maine, dain, crain, refrain, detain, pain, main, heyne, ayn, ingrain, thayne, ln, vain, retain, feign, brain, twain, shaine, draine, dwayne, spain, duan, moraine, mclean, charlayne, fraine, wain, hussein, dewayne, kain, lorraine, fein, slain, sylvain, rayne, mccain, rein, crayne, freyne, vein, cane, dayne, deign, retrain, layne, duwayne, demain, blayne, ordain, craine, loraine, delaine, jane, pane, slane, kahane, campaign, inane, frayne, preordain, sprain, elane, vane, disdain, urbane, champlain, paine, grain, hain, train, champaign, cheyne, explain, rain, wane, plane, plain, profane, tremaine, devane, jayne, fane, insane, biscayne, payne, cain, crane, trane, hussain, elaine, wayne, attain, champagne, germaine, drain, lane, obtain, swayne;
  2. again, alain, alaine, alane, allain, abstain, alayne, amain;
  3. inhumane, aquitaine, ascertain, entertain;
  4. legerdemain;

What are the translations for Laine?

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Korean word for Laine

라 이네.

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