How To Spell land?

Correct spelling: land

What is the definition of land?

  1. bring into a different state; "this may land you in jail"

What does the abbreviation land mean?


Land as a boy's name is a variant of Lander (Middle English) and Orlando (Spanish).

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This graph shows how "land" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the translations for land?

Afrikaans word for Land


Arabic word for Land


Chinese words for Land

地, 陆.

Dutch words for Land

belanden, aarde, terrein, teren, doen landen, binnenhalen, aanlanden, aan wal gaan, neerkomen, ontschepen, aan land brengen.

French words for Land

sol, aborder, superficie, poser, pays, atterrir, débarquer, décrocher, terrestre, terre, terres, contrée, territoire, prendre port.

German words for Land

anlegen, Staat, Land, aufsetzen, aufkommen, ausladen, ausschiffen, Mark, Terrain, solo, Landen, territorial, anlanden, an Land ziehen.

Hindi word for Land


Italian words for Land

paese, terreni, suolo, terraferma, proprietà terriera.

Japanese words for Land

ランド, 陸地, りくち.

Korean word for Land


Malay word for Land


Marathi word for Land


Polish words for Land

grunt, ziemia, lądować, kraj, kraina.

Portuguese words for Land

cair, propriedade, terra, pousar, aterrissar, descarregar, região, terrestres, fundiária, fundiário, predial, territoriais, agrárias.

Russian words for Land

суша, земельный, приземляться.

Spanish words for Land

abordar, conseguir, llegar, caer, campo, propiedad, terreno, descargar, suelo, tierra, tierras, país, de tierra, aterrizar, desembarcar, alunizar, capturar, atracar, territorio, pescar, tomar tierra, aterrar.

Turkish word for Land


Ukrainian word for Land