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How To Spell language?

Correct spelling: language

Definition of language:

  1. a system of words used in a particular discipline; "legal terminology"; "the language of sociology"

List of misspellings for language:

  • langue,
  • langege,
  • lugagge,
  • laguage,
  • luggadge,
  • languagne,
  • lenguage,
  • lanuage,
  • lanauge,
  • languaged,
  • languade,
  • laugage,
  • langeges,
  • langague,
  • langaues,
  • lnaguge,
  • langerie,
  • languaes,
  • laungague,
  • languiges,
  • leaguge,
  • lungage,
  • lanfuage,
  • lagnuage,
  • languege,
  • lunguage,
  • lenguages,
  • laungage,
  • leanguge,
  • langwage,
  • lanugages,
  • langugea,
  • llanguage,
  • langure,
  • laaguage,
  • lanugae,
  • langiuage,
  • lanugage,
  • languaghes,
  • langagues,
  • langveg,
  • luggagge,
  • laungue,
  • langeage,
  • languate,
  • lanaguge,
  • langugage,
  • lnaguage,
  • languaue,
  • lagguge,
  • lougage,
  • landguage,
  • laguagge,
  • langueage,
  • launguae,
  • langages,
  • lanuguage,
  • languafe,
  • ladygaga,
  • langange,
  • languane,
  • langauge,
  • languadge,
  • ingage,
  • languaje,
  • langauage,
  • languige,
  • languajes,
  • languae,
  • languahe,
  • lanquige,
  • langwije,
  • mangage,
  • lanaguages,
  • lengual,
  • enagage,
  • lanhuage,
  • lanuguge,
  • languge,
  • laugauge,
  • lauguage,
  • langauges,
  • languag,
  • lugguage,
  • languaga,
  • langage,
  • loungage,
  • lnguage,
  • langedoc,
  • lauguge,
  • lanuge,
  • longwave,
  • lanquages,
  • langabaan,
  • langaguge,
  • languague,
  • languale,
  • luguage,
  • lanuague,
  • languguges.

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Hornsea School and Language College is situated in the small seaside town of Hornsea in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is a secondary comprehensive and takes pupils from Hornsea and the surrounding area.

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E. E. Waddell Language Academy, formerly known as Smith Academy of International Languages, is a public K-8 magnet school in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. It is part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District. All tuition takes place in the medium of the second language.

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Translations for language:

Arabic word for Language


Bengali word for Language


Chinese words for Language

语, 语文, 话, 文辞, 语言.

Dutch word for Language


French words for Language

langue, langage, linguistique.

German words for Language

Sprache, Ausdrucksweise, Landessprache, Programmiersprache.

Greek word for Language


Hindi word for Language


Italian word for Language


Japanese words for Language

言語, ランゲージ, ラング, げんご, 口詞, くちことば, 口言葉, ごんご, 言辞, ことばづかい.

Korean word for Language


Malay word for Language


Marathi word for Language


Norwegian word for Language


Polish words for Language

język, mowa.

Portuguese words for Language

linguagem, língua, Basã.

Romanian word for Language


Russian word for Language


Spanish words for Language

habla, idioma, lenguaje, lengua, vocabulario.

Swedish word for Language


Tamil word for Language


Turkish word for Language


Vietnamese word for Language

ngôn ngữ.