How To Spell lately?

Correct spelling: lately

What is the definition of lately?

  1. Not long ago; recently.

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This graph shows how "lately" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for lately?

  1. stately, greatly;
  2. innately;

What are the translations for lately?

Afrikaans word for Lately

die afgelope tyd.

Bengali word for Lately


Chinese words for Lately

最近, 近来, 尔来, 前一向, 迩来, 日来.

French words for Lately

dernièrement, récemment, ces derniers temps, anciennement, depuis quelque temps, précédemment, ces jours-ci, depuis quelques jours, récent.

German words for Lately

neuerlich, zuletzt, letztlich, verstorben, selig, in letzter Zeit, neuerdings, neulich, unlängst, in der letzten Zeit, vor Kurzem, letzthin.

Greek word for Lately


Japanese words for Lately

今回, 此処の所, かねて, ここのところ, このかん, 兼ねて, 予て, ここの所, 此処ん所.

Javanese word for Lately

Akhir-akhir iki.

Korean word for Lately


Malay word for Lately

Akhir-akhir ini.

Marathi word for Lately


Norwegian word for Lately

i det siste.

Polish word for Lately


Portuguese words for Lately

recentemente, antigamente, nos últimos tempos, há pouco, há pouco tempo, demoradamente.

Spanish words for Lately

recientemente, últimamente, tardíamente.

Swedish word for Lately

på sista tiden.

Tamil word for Lately


Turkish word for Lately

son zamanlarda.

Ukrainian word for Lately


Vietnamese word for Lately

mới đây.