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Correct spelling: latrine


Definition of latrine:

  1. A place of convenience in barracks and camps.

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Examples of usage for latrine:

  1. A few days after this, Medlicott and I learnt that four Frenchmen were cutting a bar in the latrine with the object of escaping across the frozen moat. "The Escaping Club" , A. J. Evans.
  2. When I came to the latrine, I pretended to enter the door but actually stepped behind the hut, and walked rapidly away, keeping the hut between the sentry and myself. "The Escaping Club" , A. J. Evans.
  3. They had been forced to abandon their homes and their professions, and yet during the whole length of the war they found no higher duty to do for France than sweep out a barrack- yard or clean out a military latrine. "The Soul of the War" , Philip Gibbs.

Quotes for latrine:

  1. His mouth had been used as a latrine by some small creature of the night, and then as its mausoleum. - Kingsley Amis

Rhymes for latrine:

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