How To Spell leader?

Correct spelling: leader

What does the abbreviation leader mean?

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What are the usage examples for leader?

  1. The dawn came for him in October, 1885, when in his eighty- fifth year this veteran leader was called to his rest.

What are the rhymes for leader?

  1. feeder, seeder, kedar, lieder, reader, cedar, breeder, speeder;

What are the translations for leader?

Afrikaans word for Leader


Arabic word for Leader


Chinese words for Leader

头领, 头脑, 头儿, 排头兵, 令导人, 冠冕, 领导者.

Dutch words for Leader

leidinggevende, aanvoerder, voorman.

French words for Leader

Baas, responsable, leader, chef de file, dirigeant, directrice, dirigeante, causeur.

German words for Leader

Leitartikel, Animateur, leider, Mentor, Guide, Kopf, Chef, Vorsitzender, Leiter, Vorlauf, Chefin, Vorspann, Editorial, Spitzenreiter, Anführer, Führungskraft, Federführer, Anführerin, Oberhaupt, Konzertmeister, Filmanfang, Federführerin, Leitwolf, Leittier, Leder.

Greek word for Leader


Hindi word for Leader


Italian words for Leader

guida, capofila.

Japanese word for Leader


Javanese word for Leader


Korean word for Leader


Malay word for Leader


Polish words for Leader

przywódca, kierownik, szef, wódz.

Portuguese words for Leader

líder, chefe, capô, diretor, regente.

Russian word for Leader


Spanish words for Leader

comandante, guía, director, jefe, pionero, dirigente, cabecilla, caudillo.

Swedish word for Leader


Vietnamese word for Leader

người lãnh đạo.