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How To Spell leader?

Correct spelling: leader

Definition of leader:

  1. a person who rules or guides or inspires others

List of misspellings for leader:

  • lateor,
  • leaver,
  • oleder,
  • lehrer,
  • leture,
  • ledder,
  • laudery,
  • slader,
  • lewtter,
  • lettar,
  • leadway,
  • oletter,
  • lteter,
  • ladie,
  • loade,
  • leatter,
  • lendor,
  • leadd,
  • learders,
  • ledders,
  • lettter,
  • leager,
  • learbed,
  • laterr,
  • lowder,
  • leiter,
  • leatr,
  • leeder,
  • leeded,
  • theader,
  • ceadar,
  • leadge,
  • laater,
  • loead,
  • lader,
  • leard,
  • leadre,
  • leadies,
  • leaad,
  • lletter,
  • leapord,
  • lator,
  • lavder,
  • labador,
  • lnder,
  • laetr,
  • laber,
  • legde,
  • clearde,
  • leterr,
  • loayer,
  • leadr,
  • ealder,
  • leatard,
  • leder,
  • llater,
  • learer,
  • eader,
  • leade,
  • leadder,
  • leawe,
  • leead,
  • latere,
  • lneder,
  • loder,
  • aleader,
  • leanerd,
  • learher,
  • sleder,
  • leate,
  • lider,
  • laterm,
  • deaer,
  • learded,
  • leaed,
  • lertter,
  • lawer,
  • laert,
  • leeter,
  • blueater,
  • leadershi,
  • leahter,
  • letme,
  • leadears,
  • calader,
  • lateer,
  • leapard,
  • leaher,
  • laide,
  • learder,
  • leadan,
  • lauedery,
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  • lecter,
  • leders,
  • arleady,
  • leadig,
  • leady,
  • llead,
  • leaern.

What does the abbreviation leader mean?

Related words for leader

Anna Leader


Luxembourger poet

Anna Justine Leader is a Luxembourg poet and novelist who writes in English. She has won several awards including Luxembourg's national literary contest for young authors, first for her novel A Several World Vienna 1912-1919 in 2014, and then for her poetry collection A Lifetime Lies: One Year's Worth of Poems in 2015.

Desha: The Leader


2014 film

Desha: The Leader is a 2014 Bangladeshi political thriller film produced by Jaaz Multimedia. The film was scripted and directed by Saikat Nasir and features a cast that includes newcomer Shipan Mitra, Mahiya Mahi, and Tariq Anam Khan.

Harry Leader


Canadian Politician

Harry Leader was a Canadian politician, farmer and cattle breeder. Leader served as a councillor in the township of Burnside, Manitoba from 1906 to 1912 and was reeve from 1912 to 1914 as well as a member of the executive of the Union of Manitoba Municipalities from 1913 to 1914.

Leader Lane


Leader's Lane is a short street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The street was part of the former city of York, Upper Canada. It runs from Wellington Street to King Street, crossing Colborne Street.

Satoshi Ohno


Japanese idol

Satoshi Ohno is a Japanese idol, singer, actor, radio host, dancer and choreographer. He is the lead vocalist and leader of the boy band Arashi, hence his nickname Leader.

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Examples of usage for leader:

  1. The dawn came for him in October, 1885, when in his eighty- fifth year this veteran leader was called to his rest.

Rhymes for leader:

  1. feeder, seeder, kedar, lieder, reader, cedar, breeder, speeder;

Translations for leader:

Afrikaans word for Leader


Arabic word for Leader


Chinese words for Leader

头领, 头脑, 头儿, 排头兵, 令导人, 冠冕, 领导者.

Dutch words for Leader

leidinggevende, aanvoerder, voorman.

French words for Leader

Baas, responsable, leader, chef de file, dirigeant, directrice, dirigeante, causeur.

German words for Leader

Leitartikel, Animateur, leider, Mentor, Guide, Kopf, Chef, Vorsitzender, Leiter, Vorlauf, Chefin, Vorspann, Editorial, Spitzenreiter, Anführer, Führungskraft, Federführer, Anführerin, Oberhaupt, Konzertmeister, Filmanfang, Federführerin, Leitwolf, Leittier, Leder.

Greek word for Leader


Hindi word for Leader


Italian words for Leader

guida, capofila.

Japanese word for Leader


Javanese word for Leader


Korean word for Leader


Malay word for Leader


Polish words for Leader

przywódca, kierownik, szef, wódz.

Portuguese words for Leader

líder, chefe, capô, diretor, regente.

Russian word for Leader


Spanish words for Leader

comandante, guía, director, jefe, pionero, dirigente, cabecilla, caudillo.

Swedish word for Leader


Vietnamese word for Leader

người lãnh đạo.