How To Spell leading?

Correct spelling: leading

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What is the definition of leading?

  1. Guidance.

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What are the translations for leading?

Arabic word for Leading


Chinese word for Leading


Dutch words for Leading

leidinggevend, toonaangevend, vooraanstaand, voorste, heersend, besturend.

French words for Leading

principal, majeur, reconnu, central, crucial, phares, reconnus, prépondérant.

German words for Leading

vorangehend, vorderer, fundamental, leitend, Primer, dominant, tonangebend, anführend, primordial, anterior, Premier, leidend.

Greek word for Leading


Italian word for Leading

di spicco.

Japanese words for Leading

リーディング, 有数, 一流, 総理, 先行, 先端的, 指折り, ガイド, 引率, 唱導, ゆびおり, ゆうすう, レディング, 綜理, そうり, せんたんてき, 引卒, いんそつ, しょうどう, くっし.

Javanese word for Leading


Korean word for Leading

가장 중요한.

Malay word for Leading


Norwegian word for Leading


Polish words for Leading

wybitny, prowadzący, wiodący, przodujący, pierwszoplanowy, przewodzący, przewodni, prowadząc.

Portuguese words for Leading

dianteiro, líder, proeminente, de ponta, condutor, orientador, primeiro, capcioso, destinadas, de liderança, de destaque, avançada, avançadas, pioneiro, de vanguarda.

Romanian word for Leading


Russian word for Leading


Spanish words for Leading

destacado, importante, comandante, primero, superior, líder, puntera, director, autorizado, protagonista, inicial, dominante, rector, precursor, dirigente, de dirección, preponderante, de primer orden, en el poder, dirigentes.

Swedish word for Leading