How To Spell leads?

Correct spelling: leads

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What are the usage examples for leads?

  1. " Yes I am, I admit it, and all this leads up to the question I came to ask you this afternoon. – To-morrow? by Victoria Cross

What are the translations for leads?

Dutch words for Leads

aanwijzingen, sporen, kabels, aanknopingspunten.

French words for Leads

indices, pistes, fils, câbles, prospects, conducteurs, laisses, rôles principaux.

German words for Leads

Hinweise, Kabel, Tipps, Leitungen, Führungen, Vorsprünge, Adern, Blindmaterial.

Portuguese words for Leads

canais, cabos, ligações, lideranças, indicações, trelas.

Spanish words for Leads

pistas, ventajas, direcciones, cabezas, ejemplos, derivaciones, plomos, electrodos, primeros puestos.