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How To Spell lean?

Correct spelling: lean

List of misspellings for lean:

  • leign,
  • learna,
  • nean,
  • cean,
  • leana,
  • liveon,
  • leghnth,
  • lenie,
  • loanly,
  • lcan,
  • claean,
  • letn,
  • leagon,
  • legned,
  • lengh,
  • lmao,
  • lalwn,
  • neean,
  • leson,
  • elian,
  • celan,
  • lcean,
  • leanr,
  • leapin,
  • ledgen,
  • lazane,
  • clena,
  • learnd,
  • talein,
  • lernd,
  • sean,
  • lan,
  • lern,
  • lasana,
  • lucein,
  • laern,
  • liaw,
  • lmae,
  • leain,
  • learnthe,
  • ladan,
  • legan,
  • kleen,
  • kellan,
  • leadan,
  • leanna,
  • lifan,
  • alein,
  • leasion,
  • llane,
  • loann,
  • leazon,
  • claan,
  • leigon,
  • laing,
  • learnig,
  • lesnar,
  • laernt,
  • lieing,
  • lerarn,
  • flewn,
  • lieau,
  • plian,
  • lturn,
  • lennie,
  • leanng,
  • lmany,
  • leiason,
  • elane,
  • whlen,
  • leason,
  • liaing,
  • legin,
  • jolena,
  • learern,
  • leearn,
  • lesney,
  • lkae,
  • lesen,
  • lland,
  • eearn,
  • leurn,
  • leau,
  • claen,
  • elarn,
  • litan,
  • leanre,
  • leui,
  • plean,
  • lanny,
  • lauen,
  • lanwe,
  • lian,
  • learnng,
  • cleen,
  • leaan,
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  • liceen,
  • pean,
  • leong.

What does the abbreviation lean mean?


Lean as a girl's name.
  • Leana,
  • Leann.

Related words for lean

Alexander Lean


New Zealand architect

Alexander Lean was a New Zealand runholder, architect, military volunteer and musician. He was born in London, England on 21 May 1824.

Barbara McLean


American film editor

Barbara McLean was an American film editor with 62 film credits. In the period Darryl F. Zanuck was dominant at the 20th Century Fox Studio, from the 1930s through the 1960s, McLean was the Studio's most conspicuous editor and ultimately the head of its editing department.

Jack Lean


Jack Lean was an Australian rules footballer who played with Fitzroy in the Victorian Football League.

Lean Tales


Book by James Kelman

Lean Tales is an anthology of short stories written by Scottish authors Alasdair Gray, Agnes Owens and James Kelman, with author illustrations by Alasdair Gray.



Nonprofit organization

LeanIn.Org is a 501 nonprofit organization founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in 2013 dedicated "to offering women the ongoing inspiration and support to help them achieve their goals."

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Quotes for lean:

  1. I am a liberated woman. And I do believe if a woman does equal work she should be paid equal money. But personally I am feminine and I do like male authority to lean on.
  2. Laws, like houses, lean on one another.
  3. People in America, when listening to radio, like to lean forward. People in Britain like to lean back.
  4. If you were to climb up on your desk, walk around behind your monitor and lean way over so you could see the screen, you'd be able to read "Wordplay" just as easily as you could sitting in your chair.
  5. I'll lean on you and you lean on me and we'll be okay.

Rhymes for lean:

  1. green, keane, jean, lien, gene, wein, mclean, queen, mean, greene, bean, spleen, kean, frean, keene, deen, scene, keen, lene, steen, mien, seen, leen, cian, screen, haen, jeane, jeanne, sheen, treen, preen, nene, meine, dean, breen, glean, freen, plein, wien, deane, teen, gean, clean, skene, wean;
  2. feldene, sharleen, slovene, ardeen, aldin, aileen, citrine, eugene, crimean, unclean, selene, colleen, sabine, deneen, unseen, obscene, justine, laurene, umpteen, coleen, ravine, racine, thirteen, charleen, lurleen, seguin, pauline, cathleen, jolene, shirleen, joaquin, christine, casein, marcin, careen, lorene, alene, eileen, maureen, philene, maxine, wileen, corinne, francine, martine, arleen, doreen, caffeine, serene, benzene, moline, fifteen, ireene, charline, georgine, onscreen, sunscreen, aleen, irene, fourteen, eighteen, cuisine, noreen, claudine, convene, sixteen, moreen, demean, marleene, levine, charlene, carleen, sarene, laureen, myrlene, machine, salin, kathleen, killeen, celine, foreseen, saline, amin, helene, lamine, medin, marine, latrine, nineteen, ameen, between, clymene, vaccine, preteen, kristine, baleen, jeanine, sistine, janine, chretien, sardine, nadine, agin, marleen, canteen;
  3. tangerine, gelatine, madelene, figurine, propylene, reconvene, unforeseen, hallowe'en, tambourine, bernadine, intervene, trampoline, smithereen, seventeen, augustin, geraldine, halloween, benyamin, submarine, valentin, wolverine;
  4. aquamarine, mujahedeen, mujahideen;

Translations for lean:

Afrikaans word for Lean


Arabic word for Lean


Bengali word for Lean


Chinese words for Lean

精益, 瘦, 精干, 歉收, 使...倾斜, 贫乏.

Dutch words for Lean

steunen, slank, dun, leunen, zich buigen, karig, schraal.

French words for Lean

appuyer, pencher, maigre, mince, simples, svelte, adosser, se pencher.

German words for Lean

knapp, schmal, schlank, mager, dürr, hager, fettarm, sich anlehnen, lehnen.

Greek word for Lean


Italian words for Lean

asciutto, snello, snella, pendere.

Japanese words for Lean

希薄, 傾げる, かたげる, 片寄る, かしげる, 偏る, かたよる.

Javanese word for Lean


Korean word for Lean


Malay word for Lean


Marathi word for Lean


Norwegian word for Lean

lene (seg).

Polish words for Lean

pochylać się, oprzeć się.

Portuguese words for Lean

enxuto, magro, apoiar, inclinar-se, pousar, reduzida, descarnados, improdutiva, esguio, racionalizada, racionais, curvar(-se).

Romanian word for Lean

a se înclina.

Russian words for Lean

экономичный, постный, наклоняться, поджарый, наклониться.

Spanish words for Lean

esbelta, delgado, flaco, apoyarse, inclinarse, esbelto.

Swedish word for Lean

luta (sig).

Tamil word for Lean


Ukrainian word for Lean